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Library services

Library services

The National Meteorological Library is open to everyone. The library can offer a range of services to help you get the most from the wealth of meteorological information we hold, from wherever you are.

The library will:

  • answer your enquiries on the weather and meteorology, e.g. the weather on a specific date, data for a specific location, or answers to general questions such as "What is the jet stream?", "How do clouds form?" or "What role did the Met Office play during the Second World War?";

  • maintain a comprehensive collection of meteorological books, journals and other materials to use in the library;

  • offer an online catalogue for you to search at home or in the library;

  • provide members with books to borrow and use at home;

  • maintain a collection of photographs and slides depicting all aspects of meteorology. Many of the images are available via our online catalogue. If you would like to submit one of your images for possible inclusion in the collection, please email us: Include a copy of the image, your name and the date and location the picture was taken;

  • offer on-site internet access and access to online journals;

  •  provide photocopying facilities on site, Library and archive charges and copyright information will apply;

  • provide copies of journal articles or book chapters as requested (see Library and archive charges and copyright information notes).

If you want to borrow library material you will need to become a member. Complete the borrower form and send it to us, or bring it in when you visit, together with proof of identity and address (a photocopy is sufficient if you send the form to us).

Borrower Form

We ask that:

  • as a member you adhere to the borrowing rules on the borrower form;

  • when visiting the library you take care not to damage materials when handling and copying;

  • you refrain from eating and drinking in the library, and switch off your mobile phone.

Our enquiry service

  • We aim to respond to non-commercial enquiries within 5 working days and will spend up to 30 minutes dealing with your request.
  • If your enquiry requires more time and research then you are welcome to come and use our resources in person.

  • We can provide a small amount of weather data for free but requests for larger volumes of data should go through the Contact us.

  • All information originating from the Met Office is subject to Crown Copyright.

  • Data is provided according to Open Government Licence.

  • Data provided by the National Meteorological Library must not be used in any legal dispute or insurance claim. Data for this purpose can be obtained by contacting the Contact us.


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