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Climate change publications

Climate change

Safe keeping


Protect your world with our climate science and services.

Safe keeping (this is a large document and may take time to download)

COP20 - Climate Risk: An update on the science


Climate risk - an update on the science

COP19  - A summary of the latest science


A summary of the latest science from the Met Office Hadley Centre

Key findings of the AVOIDing Dangerous Climate Change research

COP18 -  Our changing climate


Our changing climate

Improving predictions in climate variability and change in Africa

Make a difference to your climate with the Met Office


The purpose of this guide is to set out what's really happening and how climate change will affect you.

Make a difference to your climate with the Met Office

Climate change fact sheets

A collection of fact sheets on key climate change issues.

Montage of fact sheets

Coastal flooding

Global equity and sustainable development

Regional climate prediction (PRECIS)

Quantifying risk

Seasonal prediction of water resources

Updating baseline climate

Longer term predictions of water resources

Informing Government policy into the future

Setting out the key scientific questions which will be addressed by the Met Office's Integrated Climate Programme. The programme underpins government policy and planning.

Informing Government policy into the future

Technical notes

Access to the most recent Met Office Climate science technical notes  plus links to our electronic archive.

Past Publications

Previous editions of our COP brochures

COP17 Climate: Observations, projections and impacts 2011.
COP16 Advance Improved science for mitigation policy advice 2010.
COP16 Avoid 2 Can we limit warming to 2 degrees C? 2010.
COP16 Avoid 3 Risks of dangerous climate change 2010.
COP16 Avoid 4 Can we avoid dangerous impacts? 2010.
COP16 Advance Improved science for mitigation policy advice 2010.
COP15 Science Informing mitigation 2009.
COP15 Science Informing choices Adaptation 2009.
COP15 Science, Informing choices Mitigation 2009.
COP14 Avoiding dangerous climate change 2008.
COP13 New science for managing climate risks 2007.
COP12 Effects of climate change in developing countries November 2006.
COP11 Climate change, rivers and rainfall December 2005.
COP10 Uncertainty, risk and dangerous climate change December 2004.
COP9 Climate change observations and predictions December 2003.
COP8 Stabilisation and commitment to future climate change October 2002.
COP7 Climate change science October 2001.
COP6 Climate change, an update of recent research from the Hadley Centre.
COP5 Climate change and its impacts October 1999.
COP4 Climate change and its impacts November 1998.

PRECIS publications

PRECIS Update 2002 Providing regional climates for impact studies.

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Future Policy

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