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Met Office Safeguarding


The Met Office undertakes safeguarding activities in order to protect its operational radio interests.

The Met Office engages in the formal planning consultation process.

This ensures that important national capabilities such as the UK Weather Radar Network and other operational meteorological radio uses (eg -satellite direct reception) vital to the provision of meteorological services to aviation and other civil contingencies stakeholders are not unduly compromised by development.

The Met Office engages in the formal planning consultation process. As a consultee in the planning system (in England, Scotland and Wales) the Met Office will be consulted directly on all relevant applicable planning applications within safeguarded zones by the local planning authorities.

Wind turbines, in particular, have been shown to have the potential to adversely impact meteorological radio facilities, especially weather radar, if not sited with careful prior consideration.

The Met Office is strongly supportive of cross-government activities to meet renewable energy targets and looks to work with developers to help achieve those aims where possible.


Maps of consultation zones

To aid the decision making of developers, we provide site-specific pre-planning advice for proposals sited in Met Office consultation zones.

UK Locations map



UK weather radar sites



Additional Met Office radio sites



Contact information

Contact Us

The Met Office strongly encourages developers to consult with us at the earliest possible stage and maintain contact throughout the process, so that we may work with the developer and ensure that any concerns can be addressed and overcome where possible.

Developers can get free pre-planning advice for proposals within the Met Office consultation zones. Please refer to the PDF safeguarded zone maps above, and if you believe your proposal is within a particular zone then forward the pre-planning application form to Alternatively complete the form below. Please note, pre-planning discussions with the Met Office do not remove the need for full and proper engagement with the planning system.

For general enquiries relating to proposed planning applications that may affect Met Office safeguarded sites, please direct all correspondence to:

Met Office,
FitzRoy Road,

Telephone: 0370 900 0100

Fax: 0370 900 5050



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