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Synopsis Reports


Access to overview reports on a variety of hot topics

This page collates synopsis reports from across Met Office Science. They are a collective effort from scientists in our different areas, and so offer a broad and detailed assessment of the drivers behind notable periods of recent UK weather, as well as what the latest science can tell us about aspects of climate variability and climate change. These reports are an easier introduction to our science than peer-reviewed journal articles are, so they are an ideal place to start in becoming more familiar with the work we do at the Met Office on the topics that matter the most.  

Reports led by the Chief Scientist

Number Title Author(s) Year
CSc 06 Is an El Niño on the way and what might its impacts be? Met Office: Slingo, J. 2014
CSc 05 Why was the start to spring 2013 so cold. Met Office: Slingo, J. 2013
CSc 04 The Recent Storms and Floods in the UK CSc 04.

Met Office: Slingo, J.; Belcher, S.; Scaife, A.; McCarthy, M.; Saulter, A.; McBeath, K. CEH: Jenkins, A.; Huntingford, C.; Marsh, T.; Hannaford, J.; Parry, S.

CSc 03 The recent pause in global warming 3: What are the implications for projections of future warming?.

Met Office: Slingo,J.; Belcher, S.; Mitchell, J.; Andrews, T.; Knight, J.; Harris, G.; Lowe, J.; McCarthy, R.; Murphy, J.; Ringer, M.; Senior, C.; Smith, D.; Stott, P.

CSc 02 The recent pause in global warming 2: What are the potential causes?.

Met Office: Slingo, J.; Belcher, S.; Mitchell, J.; Scaife, A.; Eade, R.; Kennedy, J.; McCarthy, R.; Morice, C.; Palmer, M.; Smith, D.; Stott, P.

CSc 01 What do observations of the climate system tell us?.

Met Office: Slingo,J.; Belcher, S.; Carroll, F.; Hewitt,H.; Keen, A.; Lowe, J.; McCarthy, R.; Ridley, J.; Stott, P.; Tinker, J.; West, A.; Willett, K.


Reports led by Climate Science

Number Title Author(s) Year
CS01 Too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry: Drivers and impacts of seasonal weather in the UK. Belcher, S.; Slingo, J.; McCarthy, R.; Burton, C.; Betts, R.; Brown, S.; Clark, R.; Kahana, R.; Kendon, E.; Knight, J.; McCarthy, M.; McNeall, D.; Sexton, D.; Stott, P. 2014

Copyright Guidance

These publications are subject to Crown Copyright. Please refer to our Crown Copyright Website terms of use for details on how you can use this content. For further guidance please contact the Contact us.

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