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Today's weather forecast

Spring showers

Today's weather forecast is available at the national, regional and local level, across the UK covering the major towns, cities and landmarks.

Today's weather forecast

Our daily weather forecast provides regional and local Seven day forecast. You can choose your UK location from a range of around 7000 sites to find today's weather forecast for your region, town or city.

A forecast on today's weather is also available for beaches, sports and outdoor recreation centres, and places of interest across the UK.
A UK Mountain weather forecast forecast provides daily forecast information for mountain areas including Brecon Beacons, Peak District, Snowdonia, Yorkshire Dales and Lake District. In Scotland the daily forecast covers the East and West Highlands.
Met Office Severe weather warnings are also included within the daily weather forecast as and when a warning is released to help inform the public and emergency responders of any severe weather impacting the UK across 17 regions.

Creating today's weather forecast

Creating today's weather forecast involves the application of technology and detailed meteorological knowledge of how the atmosphere, the Earth's surface and the oceans work. Modern weather forecasting applies scientific knowledge to predict future atmospheric conditions across the globe from observations of the current state, made from land; at sea; in the air, and from space. Weather maps and location based forecasts use the latest forecast data from the Met Office supercomputer. Text-based forecasts are written by our forecasters who interpret output from a Weather forecasting run at the Met Office.

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