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Weather for schools

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WOW Schools is a project to help inspire and educate a new generation of scientists.

WOW Schools provided ten schools with an automatic weather station and education resources for the classroom.

We invited schools teaching 7 to 11 year olds from all corners of the UK to enter a competition to be selected as one of the ten schools taking part in WOW Schools. The 10 winning schools have been taking part in this pilot project for the past year.

Winning Schools

  • Crosfields School, Berkshire
  • West Town Primary Academy, Cambridgeshire
  • St Joseph's School, Cornwall
  • Newton Poppleford Primary School, Devon
  • Robert FitzRoy Academy, London
  • Ainderby Steeple Primary School, North Yorkshire
  • Andrews Memorial Primary School, Northern Ireland
  • Rhu Primary School, Scotland
  • Newport Primary School, Scotland
  • Penglais School, Wales

Weather station

As part of the prize, the winning schools were provided with high-tech observation equipment in order to feed in real time weather observations for their location into the Weather Observation Website (WOW). The observation data provided by the schools will help build on our unique position to use these observations to improve weather forecasts and warnings for all.

Schools were also provided with bespoke educational materials to enable their students to develop skills relating to the meteorological data they are collecting. Students will use a combination of physical observation methods and automated technology to record weather observations as part of their studies, allowing them to make practical measurements, analyse information and share their data via WOW.


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