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Met Office warns of storm disruption

Met Office forecasters have issued a red National Severe Weather Warning for stormy conditions across the UK this afternoon and evening.

The strongest winds are expected across Wales and northern England with gusts of 80 - 100 mph in some exposed western areas. Heavy rain will turn to snow over the Pennines and other northern hills and mountains with blizzard conditions for a time.

Met Office weather warnings help us all plan, prepare and protect ourselves and others from the What are the National Severe Weather Warning Service Impact tables?. A red warning from the Met Office means that we need to take action to keep ourselves and others safe from the impacts of the weather. Widespread disruption to travel and other services is likely. All of us should consider changing our plans and avoiding dangerous areas.

Paul Davies, Met Office Chief Meteorologist, said: "The winds through Wednesday afternoon and evening will be damaging and will bring down trees, causing travel disruption and disruption to power networks.

"We advise everyone to stay up to date with Met Office Severe weather warnings and the latest details from our UK forecast during this time of particularly unsettled weather."

Thursday will see generally less windy weather, with some scattered squally showers which could be wintry at times.

Another storm will follow on Friday. The continuing wet conditions and further rainfall will bring the risk of more flooding impacts. As well as this some very strong winds are possible with perhaps 80 mph gusts along the south coast into Saturday morning bringing a risk of disruption to this area.

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