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UK weather forecast

UK forecast map

Tiree Heavy rain 56.497 -6.887
Birmingham Light rain 52.486 -1.889
Glasgow Heavy rain 55.864 -4.25
Manchester Cloudy 53.479 -2.247
Brighton Cloudy 50.822 -0.136
Dover Overcast 51.126 1.318
Exeter Overcast 50.718 -3.533
Lincoln Light rain 53.23 -0.539
Norwich Cloudy 52.63 1.299
Peterborough Cloudy 52.569 -0.239
Swindon Overcast 51.556 -1.778
York Cloudy 53.962 -1.079
Aberdeen Light rain 57.15 -2.093
Pembroke Cloudy 51.673 -4.908
Ullapool Cloudy 57.896 -5.16
Inverness Cloudy 57.478 -4.223
Kendal Overcast 54.328 -2.745
Londonderry (Derry) Light rain 54.995 -7.323
Newtown (Powys) Overcast 52.512 -3.312
Fort William Heavy rain 56.82 -5.104
Belfast Heavy rain 54.596 -5.93
Caernarfon Cloudy 53.139 -4.273
Camborne Heavy rain 50.212 -5.294
Cardiff Cloudy 51.481 -3.178
Dumfries Cloudy 55.071 -3.604
Edinburgh Cloudy 55.953 -3.187
Lerwick Fog 60.154 -1.143
London Overcast 51.508 -0.125
Newcastle Upon Tyne Clear night 54.978 -1.616
Pitlochry Heavy rain 56.705 -3.728
Southampton Overcast 50.909 -1.403
Stornoway Heavy shower night 58.211 -6.384
Wick (Highland) Cloudy 58.439 -3.092
Met Office

Latest forecasts

Peterborough Cloudy 8 °C
Manchester Cloudy 9 °C
London Overcast 9 °C
Cardiff Cloudy 9 °C
Edinburgh Cloudy 9 °C
Aberdeen Light rain 8 °C
Dover Overcast 8 °C
Brighton Cloudy 9 °C
Ullapool Cloudy 7 °C
Stornoway Heavy shower night 6 °C
Fort William Heavy rain 7 °C
  • UK 5 days
  • UK 6-30 days

UK forecast for the next 5 days


Becoming colder from tomorrow afternoon.

This Evening and Tonight:

Most of the UK will have a cloudy, mild and breezy night, with a little drizzle here and there. Heavier rain over Northern Ireland and northwest Scotland will give way to colder weather and showers late in the night.


Rain will move southeastwards across England and Wales, including heavy bursts. Colder weather will follow from the northwest, bringing sunshine and showers, falling as snow over northern hills.

Outlook for Thursday to Saturday:

A frosty start to Thursday followed by wintry showers north and east. Friday starting frosty and perhaps icy. Rain and hill snow west, lingering into Saturday. Dry and cold east.

Updated: 13:17 on Tue 15 Jan 2019 GMT

Outlook for the UK over the next 6-30 days

UK Outlook for Sunday 20 Jan 2019 to Tuesday 29 Jan 2019:

Sunday will be cold across the UK, but for many it will be dry; brightest in the southeast. Some light rain or sleet is possible in the southwest at first; then a band of rain, sleet and snow is likely to spread across the northwest later, moving erratically southeast. Overnight frost and freezing fog patches are likely overnight into Monday. Cold weather is likely to continue through mid-week, remaining unsettled and at times windy with fronts spreading southeast across the UK bringing rain, sleet and snow. Snow is most likely over north and eastern areas and over high ground. Similar cold conditions are likely to remain in place until the end of the period, interspersed with brighter showery spells, although these could also be wintry. Overnight frosts will remain likely.

UK Outlook for Wednesday 30 Jan 2019 to Wednesday 13 Feb 2019:

Cold but changeable conditions will be in place at the start of the extended outlook with spells of strong winds and rain, turning to snow at times. Overnight frosts are likely and snow, mainly over higher ground in the north, but with an increased risk to lower levels. The details of any disruptive snow remains uncertain. Milder, wetter interludes are possible, most likely in the south but with these comes an increased risk of snow and ice further north.

Updated: 13:17 on Tue 15 Jan 2019 GMT

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