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    • Regional
    • UK 5 days
    • UK 6-30 days

    Regional forecast for South West England

    Rain easing tonight.

    This Evening and Tonight:

    Outbreaks of rain will continue for a time, perhaps turning heavy in places. This will ease through the night, although skies will remain cloudy with mist and murk around coasts and hills. Temperatures will hold up making it feel muggy. Minimum Temperature 15 °C.


    Starting cloudy on Saturday, perhaps with some patchy drizzle. However, skies will brighten with plenty of warm sunshine by the afternoon, sparking a few showers mainly across Devon and Cornwall. Maximum Temperature 27 °C.

    Outlook for Sunday to Tuesday:

    The next few days will be mainly sunny, very warm and humid. However, there is an increasing chance of some heavy showers or thunderstorms developing during Monday and Tuesday.

    Updated at: 1552 on Fri 20 Jul 2018

    UK forecast for the next 5 days

    Rain slowly easing overnight.

    This Evening and Tonight:

    Heavy, thundery showers in the southeast will continue for a time, before easing overnight leaving a warm and humid night. Elsewhere rain, locally heavy in the southwest, will slowly ease but it will turn murky with mist and drizzle.


    Starting cloudy, but soon brightening up with plenty of sunny spells. Hot and humid in the south and east, sparking a few showers. Light rain arriving in the northwest later.

    Outlook for Sunday to Tuesday:

    Mainly dry with sunshine. Hot and humid in the south and east. Often cloudy and breezy in the northwest, with rain spreading erratically southeastwards, bringing scattered thundery showers next week.

    Updated at: 1549 on Fri 20 Jul 2018

    Outlook for the UK over the next 6-30 days

    UK Outlook for Wednesday 25 Jul 2018 to Friday 3 Aug 2018:

    A good deal of fine, settled weather for most, particularly at first, with sunny spells and light winds, but with the risk of some thundery showers, especially in the southeast. Increasing threat of some organised rain spreading into western areas. Staying very warm, locally hot in the south. Looking further ahead a west-east split in conditions is likely to develop, with eastern and southeastern areas probably drier, more settled, very warm and increasingly humid, but always with the risk of isolated showers and thunderstorms. Further west it may be more changeable and breezy with some outbreaks of rain or showers, but also some drier and brighter interludes. Temperatures nearer normal in the west, but generally very warm elsewhere, with hot or very hot conditions at times, especially in the southeast.

    Updated at: 1300 on Fri 20 Jul 2018

    UK Outlook for Saturday 4 Aug 2018 to Saturday 18 Aug 2018:

    Throughout this period it seems most likely that the weather pattern will only evolve very slowly. The west of the UK is likely to see more in the way of breezier, cloudier conditions with some rain or showers at times, with these occasionally affecting other areas. Elsewhere, especially in the east, drier and more settled weather is expected to dominate, although with the ongoing risk of a few heavy showers or thunderstorms breaking out at times. Temperatures remaining above average for most, with the potential for further spells of very warm or hot conditions, and possibly very hot, especially in the southeast. Temperatures are likely to be often nearer normal in the west and northwest.

    Updated at: 1300 on Fri 20 Jul 2018

    Location Details


    Location: 51.0777, -4.0571

    Altitude: 2.0 m above mean sea level

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