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    Forecast summary

    • Regional
    • UK 5 days
    • UK 6-30 days

    Regional forecast for Strathclyde

    Mainly dry, occasionally bright. Light northerly breezes.


    Majority will stay dry today with only a few scattered showers expected, chiefly across Argyll, also during afternoon to south of Central Belt. Good bright and sunny spells, but not particularly warm in the light north to northwest breezes. Maximum Temperature 16 °C.


    Some good late sunshine, then turning cloudier overnight with occasional showers spreading from the north towards dawn. Northwest winds mostly light, occasionally freshening across the coasts and Isles. Minimum Temperature 4 °C.


    A showery day with only limited brighter spells breaking through. Showers turning heavy at times, bringing a small risk of thunderstorms. Winds light and variable. Maximum Temperature 15 °C.

    Outlook for Tuesday to Thursday:

    Continuing showery Tuesday, with further risk of heavy, thundery outbreaks these potentially slow moving. Wednesday still showery, but drier and brighter than Tuesday. Thursday dry and sunny. Winds quite light.

    Updated at: 0248 on Sun 29 May 2022

    UK forecast for the next 5 days

    Sunshine and showers.


    Some showers at first, particularly in the north across western England and Wales, else a dry start with sunny spells. Showers developing then more widely, with a focus for some heavier ones with risk hail and thunder in the south.


    Becoming dry with clear spells in the south, with patchy fog and rural grass frost. Mix of clear spells and scattered showers in the north and west.


    Sunny spells and scattered showers, some heavy in the north with a risk of thunder during the afternoon. Temperatures near or a little below average.

    Outlook for Tuesday to Thursday:

    Rather cool with a mixture of sunny spells and showers, some heavy with hail and thunder. Becoming mostly dry with plenty of sunshine and warmer on Thursday.

    Updated at: 0104 on Sun 29 May 2022

    Outlook for the UK over the next 6-30 days

    UK Outlook for Thursday 2 Jun 2022 to Saturday 11 Jun 2022:

    Most places will see dry weather with sunny spells on Thursday, with a risk of some showers or more organised rain affecting the south. Winds should be light, but slightly breezier along the south coast. Temperatures rather cool in northern areas, closer to average elsewhere. In the following days unsettled weather may continue over the south, with northern and western areas more likely to be drier. Temperatures will return to near normal in the north and west, and higher than average elsewhere. Later in the period, the settled weather may return, bringing drier conditions to western and southwestern areas whereas cloudier conditions and showers remain in the east and northeast. Temperatures above average for the southwest, but likely to be rather cool in the northeast.

    Updated at: 1132 on Sat 28 May 2022

    UK Outlook for Sunday 12 Jun 2022 to Sunday 26 Jun 2022:

    Further into June, it's likely that conditions will stay relatively similar throughout this period. There is high uncertainty in the details of the forecast, however drier conditions are most likely across western areas, and rainfall more likely in the east. Temperatures likely to be above average for most.

    Updated at: 1133 on Sat 28 May 2022

    Location Details

    Ayr Youth Hostel

    Location: 55.4554, -4.6386

    Altitude: 3.0 m above mean sea level

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