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On Monday evening a cyclonic flow will affect the far north of the Cullercoats area but with a ridge extending northeast into the central North Sea. The ridge then becoming confined to the southern North Sea and English Channel on Tuesday as a deepening low moves northeast to the west of the British Isles. During Wednesday an anticyclone over Biscay is expected to intensify, with a ridge extending north over much of the North Sea. Current expectations are then for the ridge to build further north through the Cullercoats area during Thursday. Strong to near gales in the far northwest on Monday evening moderating early on Tuesday, but with gales developing here during Tuesday evening. Gales perhaps severe gales expected to extend east across the North Sea north of 58 N on Wednesday morning and moderate from the west. Further gales currently expected at times north of 58 N from Wednesday evening, but moderating from the west again during Thursday
On Monday evening a large high 1036 centred over the south of sea area Fitzroy will dominate much of the Niton area, with a ridge extending northeast through the English Channel and southern North Sea. The high then expected to transfer slowly northeast into Biscay on Tuesday as frontal troughs bring a more cyclonic flow to the far north of the Niton area. High pressure then forecast to predominate through Wednesday as a weakening frontal trough moves south through the North Sea. Little significant changes then currently expected on Thursday although frontal troughs may bring a more cyclonic flow to the far northwest. Strong to gale force winds will develop in the far northwest on Tuesday, but weaken again from the south in the evening. No further gales currently expected across the Niton area through the rest of the forecast period
On Monday evening, a deep low near western Greenland will maintain a strong flow over the far northwest of the Portpatrick area, but high 1036 centred south sea area Fitzroy will bring a ridge of high pressure to southern parts. A deepening low then expected to transfer northeast through the north of the area on Tuesday afternoon and evening. High pressure in the south then expected to build further on Wednesday, with the cyclonic flow becoming confined to the far north. Pressure then currently expected to fall again on Thursday as further frontal troughs move northeast through the area. Gales in the northwest north of 57 N on Monday evening will moderate from the southwest overnight, but with further gales expected in the southwest on Tuesday morning, these transferring northeast to be north of 56 N by midnight Wednesday. Occasional gales expected to continue in the north through Wednesday, but likely to moderate from the southwest on Thursday

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