Met Office

High seas forecast

Issued at 2000 UTC on Friday 22 June 2018
by the Met Office, Exeter, United Kingdom
for the period 2000 UTC Friday 22 June until 2000 UTC Saturday 23 June 2018

General synopsis

At 221200UTC, high 53 north 11 west 1036 expected 52 north 11 west 1031 by 231200UTC. Low 58 north 47 west 999 expected 63 north 36 west 997 by same time. Low 73 north 28 west 999 expected 72 north 16 west 1005 by that time.

Area forecasts for the next 24 hours


East 3 or 4. Slight or moderate. Fair. Good.


Variable 3 or less. Slight or moderate. Mainly fair. Good.


Southwesterly 4 or 5 in north, but variable 2 or 3 in south. Moderate, occasionally rough in north. Mainly fair. Good.


West backing southwest 4 or 5, occasionally 6. Rough, occasionally moderate in south. Occasional rain for a time. Good, occasionally poor for a time.


Westerly 5 to 7, occasionally 4 later. Moderate or rough. Occasional rain, fog patches later. Good, but moderate, occasionally very poor later.

Southeast Iceland

Westerly 5 to 7, occasionally 4 later. Moderate or rough. Occasional rain, fog patches later. Good, but moderate, occasionally very poor later.

East Northern Section

Southerly or southwesterly 5 to 7, perhaps gale 8 for a time later, but cyclonic 3 or 4 at first in northwest. Rough, occasionally very rough at first. Rain or showers. Moderate or poor, occasionally good.

West Northern Section

Southerly, veering westerly but cyclonic at times in northwest, 4 or 5, occasionally 6 for a time. Moderate or rough. Rain then showers, fog patches for a time in south. Moderate, occasionally very poor in south, becoming mainly good later.

East Central Section

Southerly or southeasterly 5 or 6, occasionally 7 in northwest, backing easterly and decreasing 3 or 4 in southeast. Moderate or rough, occasionally slight in southeast. Occasional drizzle and fog patches in far west, and thundery showers in far southeast, otherwise mainly fair. Moderate or good, occasionally very poor.

West Central Section

Southerly 5 or 6, becoming cyclonic, mainly westerly 3 or 4, occasionally 5 later. Moderate, occasionally rough. Rain, fog banks, but becoming mainly fair later in west. Moderate or poor, occasionally very poor, becoming good later in west.

Denmark Strait

Southwesterly, becoming cyclonic 4 or 5, occasionally 6 for a time. Rough, becoming moderate. Rain or drizzle, fog patches developing. Good, becoming moderate or poor, occasionally very poor.

North Iceland

Cyclonic, but mainly southerly or southeasterly for a time, 4 or 5, decreasing 3 at times. Moderate or rough. Occasional rain or drizzle, fog patches. Moderate, occasionally very poor.

Norwegian Basin

Westerly 3 or 4, occasionally 5 at first. Moderate or rough. Occasional drizzle. Good occasionally poor.

Outlook for following 24 hours

Extensive fog expected in Denmark Strait and perhaps West Central Section at first. No other hazards expected.

Unscheduled storm warnings are broadcast via Safetynet and in bulletin WONT54 EGRR available via some internet and ftpmail outlets

Storm warnings

Storm warnings, issued by the Met Office, on behalf of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency.

No storm warnings

Issued: 2000 UTC on Friday 22 June 2018