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Dumfries, Galloway, Lothian & Borders regional forecast

Dumfries, Galloway, Lothian & Borders forecast map

Drummore Cloudy 54.69 -4.894
Edinburgh Cloudy 55.953 -3.187
Dumfries Overcast 55.071 -3.604
Eskdalemuir Cloudy 55.311 -3.206
Wigtown Cloudy 54.867 -4.443
Peebles Cloudy 55.653 -3.192
Kelso Overcast 55.6 -2.431
North Berwick Overcast 56.058 -2.718
Thornhill (Dumfries & Galloway) Cloudy 55.246 -3.768
New Luce Cloudy 54.943 -4.849
Linlithgow Cloudy 55.974 -3.601
Paxton Cloudy 55.771 -2.104
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Regional Forecast for Dumfries, Galloway, Lothian & Borders


Patchy frost tonight. Rain, hill snow then brightening up Sunday.

This Evening and Tonight:

Rather cloudy but dry through the evening and at first overnight. Clear spells developing before dawn, combining with light winds to bring a frost for most. Minimum temperature -3 °C.


A fragmenting rainband and hill snow will move east, clearing the Borders in the afternoon. Bright or clear spells will follow with widespread frost overnight. Maximum temperature 6 °C.

Outlook for Monday to Wednesday:

Dry at first on Monday but rain and hill snow arrives later. Thereafter a few wintry showers in west, while Lothian and Borders stay dry with plenty of weak sunshine.

Updated: 14:13 on Sat 19 Jan 2019 GMT

UK forecast for the next 5 days


Staying predominantly cold over the next few days.


Rain and hill snow across western Scotland and Northern Ireland, perhaps bringing some icy stretches in places, will move east, weakening, reaching northern England and Wales later. Rather cloudy but mostly dry ahead of this. Showers in the northwest later.


Many central and southeastern parts will see extensive low cloud and hill fog, with patchy rain and drizzle in places. Many northern areas will be mostly clear and frosty.


Low cloud across parts of England and Wales should break up to give some sunny spells. Meanwhile, strengthening winds, heavy rain and hill snow will make inroads into northwestern areas.

Outlook for Tuesday to Thursday:

An icy start as rain and hill snow clears east on Tuesday, with blustery, often wintry showers following on to western areas. Staying cold thereafter, though generally drier and brighter.

Updated: 01:50 on Sun 20 Jan 2019 GMT

Outlook for the UK over the next 6-30 days

UK Outlook for Thursday 24 Jan 2019 to Saturday 2 Feb 2019:

Thursday and Friday will see a very cold north to north-easterly airstream bringing sunshine and showers, the showers giving rain or snow and most frequent in the north and northeast. It looks breezy on Thursday perhaps with coastal gales in the south and east, although winds should ease on Friday. Widespread locally severe night frosts are also likely. Later on Friday, rain preceded by snow may arrive in the far west and northwest, accompanied by strengthening winds. During the weekend and following week a lot of fine weather is expected with the chance of some wintry showers. Staying cold or very cold, with widespread frost. However, some wet and windy weather is likely in the northwest, which may briefly spread further southeast giving some snow on encountering the colder air.

UK Outlook for Sunday 3 Feb 2019 to Sunday 17 Feb 2019:

The northwest of the British Isles may see changeable conditions at first, with spells of rain, strong winds and some snow at times. However, it should become drier, brighter but colder here as the period unfolds. Meanwhile further southeast some bright, quiet periods are expected but with some wintry showers too, the detail of which is very uncertain. It is likely to be cold or very cold, and as a result widespread, locally severe frosts are on the cards. The conditions described above could still be interspersed by some milder, wetter interludes, most likely across southern parts of the British Isles, and this would bring an associated risk of significant snow and ice at times.

Updated: 01:50 on Sun 20 Jan 2019 GMT

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