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East of England regional forecast

East of England forecast map

Clacton-on-Sea Sunny intervals 51.789 1.155
Royston (Hertfordshire) Sunny day 52.052 -0.019
Wymondham Cloudy 52.569 1.117
Sudbury Sunny day 52.041 0.728
Beccles Cloudy 52.459 1.568
Braintree Sunny day 51.88 0.553
Gayton Cloudy 52.743 0.563
North Walsham Overcast 52.822 1.388
Wells-next-the-Sea Overcast 52.954 0.851
Norwich Cloudy 52.63 1.299
Newmarket Sunny intervals 52.245 0.41
Thetford Sunny intervals 52.413 0.753
Welwyn Garden City Sunny day 51.803 -0.207
Watford (Hertfordshire) Sunny day 51.656 -0.389
Southend-on-Sea Cloudy 51.541 0.713
Cambridge Sunny day 52.208 0.124
Peterborough Cloudy 52.569 -0.239
Bedford Sunny intervals 52.134 -0.461
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Latest forecasts

Harwich Sunny intervals 15 °C
Saffron Walden Sunny day 15 °C
Grundisburgh Sunny intervals 15 °C
Ampthill Sunny day 14 °C
Stagsden Sunny intervals 14 °C
Rushall (Norfolk) Cloudy 15 °C
St Neots Sunny intervals 15 °C
Norwich Cloudy 15 °C
Soham Sunny intervals 15 °C
Attleborough Cloudy 15 °C
Sandringham House Cloudy 14 °C
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Regional Forecast for East of England


Brightening with some sunshine after cloudy start. Feeling warm inland.


Most areas starting cloudy before becoming brighter during the morning with some sunny spells by the afternoon. Some coastal parts may remain cloudier and more widespread cloud may spread further inland during the evening. Strong winds persisting near Suffolk coasts. Maximum temperature 22 °C.


Areas of cloud affecting coastal areas are expected to spread further west to reach all parts overnight. Stronger winds affecting some coasts at first. Minimum temperature 12 °C.


Friday starting mainly cloudy, but brightening up to give some afternoon sunshine, especially away from coastal areas where easterly winds will keep it cooler. Maximum temperature 24 °C.

Outlook for Saturday to Monday:

Saturday hot and sunny with mainly light winds. Much cooler for Sunday and Monday with a noticeable breeze developing and probably remaining dry with some sunshine.

Updated: 08:01 on Thu 27 Jun 2019 BST

UK forecast for the next 5 days


Increasingly warm into the weekend, then cooler on Sunday.


Fine, dry with plenty of sunshine once early cloud across eastern England, the Midlands and eastern Wales clears. Low cloud across the far north of Scotland likely lingering through the day. Windy in the south, especially Devon and Cornwall.


Staying dry with cloud advancing westwards overnight from the North Sea coast. Skies across western parts of the UK staying clear. Winds staying strong in the south and southwest.


Early cloud across eastern and some central parts clears through the morning to leave a sunny day. Most areas hotter than on Wednesday. Strong winds over southern parts easing later.

Outlook for Saturday to Monday:

Saturday, widely warm and sunny with some hot temperatures in eastern and central parts. Cooler and breezy at times on Sunday and Monday with scattered showers and sunny spells.

Updated: 01:56 on Thu 27 Jun 2019 BST

Outlook for the UK over the next 6-30 days

UK Outlook for Monday 1 Jul 2019 to Wednesday 10 Jul 2019:

By Monday, fresher and less warm weather will spread to all areas. The north of the UK will probably be rather wet and windy but southern parts are likely to be drier. Winds and rain will probably ease on Tuesday and Wednesday, apart from the far south, where it may become more breezy for at time. Most of the UK is likely to have some warm sunshine on those days, though it is not expected to be as warm as this week. Over the following days, the most likely scenario is for mainly dry, bright and warm weather to continue though there is no special signal for particularly hot temperatures. Early morning mist or short-lived wetter and windier weather are also likely at times.

UK Outlook for Thursday 11 Jul 2019 to Thursday 25 Jul 2019:

Dry, bright and often warm weather is the most likely scenario for the first few days of this period, though some wind and rain is likely at times. This could well continue later into July, perhaps with some hot weather spreading from the continent at times. However, the situation is very uncertain by then. If blocked high pressure were to be displaced significantly to the west or the east of the UK, we could end up with some changeable weather with significant rainfall at times.

Updated: 01:56 on Thu 27 Jun 2019 BST

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