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Highlands & Eilean Siar regional forecast

Highlands & Eilean Siar forecast map

Glencoe Cloudy 56.685 -5.099
Dalganachan Heavy rain 58.339 -3.693
Callakille Cloudy 57.522 -5.854
Halkirk Light rain 58.514 -3.49
Ullapool Sunny intervals 57.896 -5.16
Dingwall Cloudy 57.596 -4.427
Fort William Overcast 56.82 -5.104
Cassley Cloudy 58.167 -4.733
Scardroy Cloudy 57.519 -4.988
Glen Affric Youth Hostel Drizzle 57.23 -5.188
Met Office
  • Regional
  • UK 5 days
  • UK 6-30 days

Regional Forecast for Highlands & Eilean Siar


Cloudy with outbreaks of rain mainly in west.

This Evening and Tonight:

The evening will be cloudy with occasional rain. Overnight the east will become mainly dry with a few clear intervals towards Speyside, but the west stays cloudy with patchy rain and mist. Minimum temperature 14 °C.


The north and west will be cloudy with occasional rain, mostly light but some heavier pulses for a time. Drier in east, with sunny spells in Strathspey for a while. Maximum temperature 21 °C.

Outlook for Monday to Wednesday:

A good deal of dry and bright weather with some sunny intervals, but a few showers are likely at times. Mostly light winds.

Updated: 18:00 on Sat 21 Jul 2018 BST

UK forecast for the next 5 days


Warm for many on Sunday. More hot weather next week.

This Evening and Tonight:

Any showers across England and Wales soon die away to leave a dry night with clear spells, with some patchy mist forming in rural spots around dawn. Damp across northern and western Scotland and Northern Ireland, with some hill fog.


Cloudy in the northwest with occasional rain. Elsewhere variable cloud and warm sunshine, particularly across the south and east. Becoming increasingly humid for many, and much warmer across eastern Scotland.

Outlook for Monday to Wednesday:

Rain in the northwest will fragment and move erratically southeast, followed by fresher conditions with a few showers. To the southeast, largely sunny and hot, but with isolated thunderstorms developing.

Updated: 15:00 on Sat 21 Jul 2018 BST

Outlook for the UK over the next 6-30 days

UK Outlook for Thursday 26 Jul 2018 to Saturday 4 Aug 2018:

From Thursday and through the following weekend a west/east split in the weather is likely, with the west seeing cloudier, windier conditions with some rain at times, whilst central and eastern areas stay largely fine and settled, but with the risk of some thundery showers. Widely very warm or hot in the south and southeast, with warm and humid nights, whilst western areas may turn cooler and fresher later. Through the rest of the period there'll be plenty of fine weather, but occasional rain in the west may spread to other parts at times, and there'll be an ongoing risk of thunderstorms, particularly across central, southern and southeast England. Temperatures generally very warm away from the west, with hot or very hot conditions at times, especially in the southeast.

UK Outlook for Sunday 5 Aug 2018 to Sunday 19 Aug 2018:

Throughout this period it seems most likely that the weather pattern will only change very slowly. Western and southern areas will often be dry, sunny and very warm, but with the risk of some cloudier periods with rain at times, or heavy showers and thunderstorms. Further north and east drier and more settled conditions are expected to be more dominant, although with the ongoing risk of heavy showers and thunderstorms breaking out at times. Temperatures remaining above widely above average for most, with further spells of very warm or hot conditions probable, and possible very hot conditions at times, especially in the southeast.

Updated: 15:00 on Sat 21 Jul 2018 BST

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