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North East England regional forecast

North East England forecast map

Durham Sunny intervals 54.775 -1.583
Sunderland Cloudy 54.907 -1.382
Bellingham Sunny intervals 55.146 -2.253
Berwick-upon-Tweed Sunny day 55.77 -2.004
Newcastle Upon Tyne Sunny intervals 54.978 -1.616
Hartlepool Sunny intervals 54.692 -1.211
Hexham Sunny intervals 54.973 -2.111
Amble Sunny intervals 55.331 -1.584
Darlington Sunny day 54.523 -1.558
Rochester (Northumberland) Sunny intervals 55.275 -2.263
Wooler Sunny day 55.547 -2.011
Powburn Sunny intervals 55.44 -1.9
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Latest forecasts

South Shields Sunny intervals 8 °C
Ponteland Sunny intervals 8 °C
Once Brewed Youth Hostel Cloudy 6 °C
Sinderhope Sunny intervals 6 °C
Redcar Cloudy 8 °C
Albemarle Sunny intervals 7 °C
Barnard Castle Sunny intervals 7 °C
Stanhope Sunny intervals 7 °C
Killingworth Sunny intervals 7 °C
Greenhead Youth Hostel Cloudy 6 °C
Middleton (Northumberland) Sunny day 8 °C
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  • UK 5 days
  • UK 6-30 days

Regional Forecast for North East England


Scattered, heavy showers and sunny spells.


A mixture of sunshine and scattered showers through the day with blustery westerly winds. The showers will be heavy at times with a risk of hail and thunder by the afternoon. Maximum temperature 13 °C.


Showers will ease in most parts overnight leaving clear spells. The occasional shower may still affect the Pennines. Chilly in the westerly wind. Minimum temperature 4 °C.


Another day of sunny spells and blustery showers. The showers may be heavy and thundery, before easing through the evening. Maximum temperature 13 °C.

Outlook for Friday to Sunday:

Less windy on Friday and Saturday although a continued risk of showers, some heavy. Most likely drier on Sunday. Cool throughout, with an overnight frost possible in rural areas.

Updated: 02:45 on Wed 25 Apr 2018 BST

UK forecast for the next 5 days


Sunshine and blustery, heavy showers.


A breezy day with a mixture of sunny spells and occasional blustery showers. The showers will become more frequent as the day goes on, becoming heavy and with a risk of hail and thunder in places during the afternoon.


The showers will become isolated in central, southern and eastern areas overnight, but they will continue in the north and west, with further heavy and possibly thundery downpours possible.


After a chilly start with a frost in parts of the north, Thursday will be another day of sunshine and showers, these most frequent and heaviest in the north.

Outlook for Friday to Sunday:

Rain spreads into central parts Friday, but brighter with showers further north. Bright spells and showers Saturday. Rain in the south on Sunday, brighter with a few showers further north.

Updated: 01:00 on Wed 25 Apr 2018 BST

Outlook for the UK over the next 6-30 days

UK Outlook for Sunday 29 Apr 2018 to Tuesday 8 May 2018:

Northern and western parts of the UK should be mainly dry on Sunday and Monday, except for the odd shower. In the south and east it is likely to be changeable with showers or longer spells of rain and stronger winds. Temperatures will be close to average but along North Sea coasts it will feel colder with easterly winds. Mixed conditions will then continue through the first week of May with brisk winds and spells of rain at times, perhaps with some snow over the Scottish mountains. Some drier and sunnier spells too. Temperatures will remain close to average throughout, but at times it will feel colder with a greater risk of frost overnight, especially in the north.

UK Outlook for Wednesday 9 May 2018 to Wednesday 23 May 2018:

Mixed weather conditions are mostly likely to continue into early May, with showers or longer spells of rain, interspersed with drier and brighter interludes. A more settled spell may develop for a time in early May, especially in the north. Thereafter, there are some signs that from mid-month it may become drier and settled more widely across the UK, although confidence in this aspect of the forecast is low. Temperatures are likely to be variable during this period as is often the case at this time of the year, averaging out close to normal. However, if a drier and more settled spell develops, then temperatures may become warmer than average.

Updated: 01:00 on Wed 25 Apr 2018 BST

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