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London & South East England regional forecast

London & South East England forecast map

London Partly cloudy night 51.508 -0.125
Staines Clear night 51.431 -0.514
Basingstoke Clear night 51.262 -1.092
Reading Clear night 51.452 -0.972
Newbury Clear night 51.401 -1.322
Wembley Clear night 51.55 -0.303
Canterbury Partly cloudy night 51.28 1.081
Margate Cloudy 51.389 1.389
Dover Partly cloudy night 51.126 1.318
Brighton Partly cloudy night 50.822 -0.136
Hastings Partly cloudy night 50.854 0.575
Chichester Partly cloudy night 50.837 -0.773
Reigate Partly cloudy night 51.238 -0.203
Crawley Partly cloudy night 51.115 -0.191
Oxford Partly cloudy night 51.751 -1.254
Met Office
00:00, Fri

Latest forecasts

Chichester Partly cloudy night 4 °C
Heathrow Clear night 3 °C
Paddock Wood Partly cloudy night 3 °C
Chicheley Partly cloudy night 2 °C
London Gatwick Airport Partly cloudy night 3 °C
Wadhurst Cloudy 3 °C
Didcot Clear night 3 °C
Barking Partly cloudy night 4 °C
Staines Clear night 3 °C
Winchester Partly cloudy night 3 °C
Oakhurst Cottage Hambledon Partly cloudy night 3 °C
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  • UK 5 days
  • UK 6-30 days

Regional Forecast for London & South East England


Breezy with a few showers Friday although mainly dry.

This Evening and Tonight:

Clear periods overnight with a patchy frost developing and perhaps some mist or fog pockets. Occasional showers will continue overnight, with these sleety on high ground, bringing thicker cloud at times, especially later in the night. Minimum temperature 1 °C.


Brisk northwesterly winds will bring a few showers with some brighter spells developing in between during the afternoon. Showers may persist near coasts during the evening. A widespread frost overnight. Maximum temperature 7 °C.

Outlook for Saturday to Monday:

Mainly dry and bright on Saturday with an early frost. Some early mist or fog Sunday morning, then becoming less cold and breezier with rain later. Dry, bright on Monday.

Updated: 14:04 on Thu 14 Dec 2017 GMT

UK forecast for the next 5 days


Scattered showers, some wintry, and clear spells.

This Evening and Tonight:

A mix of clear spells and showers overnight, with showers wintry in places. Strong winds will affect western and later northern areas. Frost, ice and patchy freezing fog may form, especially under any clear skies.


After starting cloudy in some areas, Friday will be a cold day with plenty of sunshine. However, brisk northerly winds will bring a scattering of showers to windward coasts throughout.

Outlook for Saturday to Monday:

Mostly bright, cold on Saturday with showers in west. Turning milder, wet and windy Sunday. Fine for many Monday, but rather cloudy and windy: patchy rain, mainly north and west.

Updated: 15:29 on Thu 14 Dec 2017 GMT

Outlook for the UK over the next 6-30 days

UK Outlook for Tuesday 19 Dec 2017 to Thursday 28 Dec 2017:

In the run up to Christmas the UK should see temperatures return near to or above average for the time of year, with a north-south split developing by around the 21st Dec. In northern parts of the UK the weather is likely to be changeable with strong winds, rain or showers, at times; as well as drier, brighter interludes. Across the south of the UK it will be drier and more settled, although probably rather cloudy. Any rain will only be a brief interruption and any breaks in the cloud cover will give foggy or frosty overnight conditions. Around Christmas Eve the north-south split should begin to break down with unsettled, often windy, conditions developing thereafter, with any snow most likely across the north of the UK.

UK Outlook for Friday 29 Dec 2017 to Friday 12 Jan 2018:

Through the last days of December it is likely to be unsettled and often windy across much of the UK. Temperatures will be near to or below average and snow is likely, at times, especially across northern parts of the country. Through the first half of January a gradual reduction in the frequency of Atlantic westerlies seems most likely, this will be coupled with an increase in the frequency of colder and drier periods, although confidence is low at this stage. Milder, wetter, and windier spells should become more short-lived during this period with the colder and drier spells of weather bringing an increased likelihood of overnight frost and fog, as well as some snow, wintry showers, and below-average temperatures.

Updated: 15:29 on Thu 14 Dec 2017 GMT

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