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West Midlands regional forecast

West Midlands forecast map

Solihull Cloudy 52.411 -1.776
Lichfield Partly cloudy night 52.681 -1.83
Evesham Cloudy 52.092 -1.945
Dudley Partly cloudy night 52.512 -2.08
Wolverhampton Cloudy 52.587 -2.127
Coventry Cloudy 52.407 -1.518
Birmingham Cloudy 52.486 -1.889
Hereford Cloudy 52.056 -2.715
Worcester Partly cloudy night 52.193 -2.22
Stoke-on-Trent Cloudy 53.002 -2.178
Leek Partly cloudy night 53.109 -2.022
Ludlow Cloudy 52.367 -2.712
Shrewsbury Partly cloudy night 52.707 -2.751
Oswestry Cloudy 52.857 -3.055
Whitchurch (Shropshire) Cloudy 52.968 -2.681
Stratford-upon-Avon Cloudy 52.191 -1.707
Met Office
19:00, Fri

Latest forecasts

Ightfield Cloudy 10 °C
Shard End Cloudy 11 °C
Bridges Long Mynd Youth Hostel Light shower night 10 °C
Bromsgrove Cloudy 12 °C
Warwick Partly cloudy night 12 °C
Ledbury Cloudy 12 °C
Much Wenlock Cloudy 11 °C
Wilcott Light shower night 11 °C
Church Stretton Light shower night 11 °C
Shipston on Stour Cloudy 12 °C
Cheadle (Staffordshire) Cloudy 10 °C
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  • UK 5 days
  • UK 6-30 days

Regional Forecast for West Midlands


Rain sweeping east, then a showery and windy weekend.

This Evening and Tonight:

Rain will sweep east this evening, with clearer weather following on soon after midnight. The odd shower is possible as winds freshen through the early hours, but most places will remain dry at this stage. Minimum temperature 9 °C.


A bright start, especially further east, but showers, occasionally squally, will soon arrive into the west, then spread to all parts. Becoming very windy, with gales in places. Maximum temperature 14 °C.

Outlook for Sunday to Tuesday:

Gradually becoming less windy on Sunday, but remaining showery. Often rather cloudy into next week, with the chance of rain at times, but with temperatures on the mild side.

Updated: 14:31 on Fri 20 Oct 2017 BST

UK forecast for the next 5 days


Turning wet and windy from the west.

This Evening and Tonight:

Evening rain in the west moving quickly eastwards, clearing most parts by dawn. Clearer skies and showers will follow on, with most of the showers in the west. Gales developing in western and southern coastal areas of England and Wales.


Mainly dry to start in the north and east. Otherwise a day of frequent and at times squally showers, with gales developing quite widely in the west and south.

Outlook for Sunday to Tuesday:

Gradually becoming less windy on Sunday, but remaining showery. Staying unsettled next week, with milder conditions and rain at times in the south and cooler, showery weather in the north.

Updated: 14:31 on Fri 20 Oct 2017 BST

Outlook for the UK over the next 6-30 days

UK Outlook for Wednesday 25 Oct 2017 to Friday 3 Nov 2017:

A little rain possible at first in the south on Wednesday, but this tending to peter out, leaving more in the way of drier weather for much of the UK, compared to the start of the week. Temperatures will also be on the warm side, with some mild nights too. Through next weekend, a more unsettled theme seems likely, especially in the northwest, where strong winds will bring a mixture of rain followed by brighter, showery interludes. Further southeast it should remain drier, though some rain is possible here too. Into early November, confidence in the forecast becomes very low, with a changeable theme and near average temperatures seeming most likely. Northern areas look most likely to see further wind and rain at times, with drier conditions in the south.

UK Outlook for Saturday 4 Nov 2017 to Saturday 18 Nov 2017:

Confidence in the forecast during this period is very low. However, after a changeable start with near average temperatures, there is an increasing chance of more prolonged settled spells developing by the end of the first week of November, which may continue into mid month, especially in the south. This would lead to an increased chance of frost and fog overnight. However, northern areas could hold onto more in the way of wind and rain at times. Temperatures should stay mostly near or perhaps slightly above average, although probably dipping to below average in any more settled spells.

Updated: 14:31 on Fri 20 Oct 2017 BST

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