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Yorkshire & Humber regional forecast

Yorkshire & Humber forecast map

Sheffield Sunny intervals 53.381 -1.469
York Cloudy 53.962 -1.079
Leeds Sunny intervals 53.801 -1.547
Scarborough Sunny day 54.283 -0.398
Whitby Sunny day 54.486 -0.612
Ripon Sunny intervals 54.136 -1.526
Bradford Sunny intervals 53.796 -1.758
Doncaster Cloudy 53.523 -1.127
Bridlington Sunny day 54.085 -0.197
Hull Sunny day 53.749 -0.347
Grimsby Sunny day 53.567 -0.079
Scunthorpe Sunny day 53.588 -0.653
Helmsley Sunny intervals 54.247 -1.062
Northallerton Sunny day 54.338 -1.428
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Latest forecasts

Liversedge Cloudy 12 °C
Epworth Sunny day 14 °C
Deighton (North Yorkshire) Sunny day 13 °C
Cleethorpes Sunny day 14 °C
High Bentham Cloudy 11 °C
Goole Sunny day 14 °C
Kirkbymoorside Sunny intervals 14 °C
Easingwold Cloudy 14 °C
Catterick Bridge Racecourse Sunny day 13 °C
Brigsley Sunny day 13 °C
Hatfield (South Yorkshire) Sunny day 14 °C
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Regional Forecast for Yorkshire & Humber


Largely dry with sunny spells. Isolated showers through the afternoon.


After a fine morning with long sunny spells cloud will increase a little during the afternoon. While many parts will stay dry a few afternoon showers are possible further north. Winds falling light later. Maximum temperature 14 °C.


Any showers dying out quickly as skies clear. The odd mist patch may form further east, where a rural grass frost is likely in places. Minimum temperature 2 °C.


After a fine morning cloud will increase slowly during the afternoon, though most parts will stay dry. The breeze will strengthen a little through the day. Maximum temperature 15 °C.

Outlook for Wednesday to Friday:

Cloudy and breezy on Wednesday with patchy rain over the hills. Lighter winds on Thursday, mostly cloudy with perhaps the odd spot of rain. Friday mostly dry with sunny spells.

Updated: 02:03 on Mon 24 Sep 2018 BST

UK forecast for the next 5 days


A fine day for many with sunny spells.


After a chilly start, it will be a bright and sunny day for most. Scattered showers will spread across the northern half of the UK, but elsewhere it will stay dry.


Showers becoming confined to northwest Scotland and staying dry elsewhere. Temperatures will drop quickly under clear skies, with frost or fog possible in rural areas by morning.


Tuesday will be another fine day across the southern half of the UK. However, in the north it will turn wet and windy later, with gales in the far north.

Outlook for Wednesday to Friday:

Windy in the north on Wednesday and Thursday with outbreaks of rain; fine and dry elsewhere. Largely fine and dry on Friday and partly cloudy. Morning fog patches in south.

Updated: 01:04 on Mon 24 Sep 2018 BST

Outlook for the UK over the next 6-30 days

UK Outlook for Saturday 29 Sep 2018 to Monday 8 Oct 2018:

This weekend there'll be a good deal of fine weather, with the best of the sunshine across the south and west. However, northwestern areas will probably become cloudier with some rain through Saturday, with this patchy rain sinking slowly south and east but tending to die away as it does so. On Sunday northern and eastern parts will see some blustery showers, and it will become very windy in the far north with gales. Through the first week of October, many areas are likely to remain mostly settled, with some cold nights at first and perhaps some early morning fog, but still with some warm sunshine by day. Southern parts are likely to see the driest weather, but some wet and windy weather is possible at times in the north.

UK Outlook for Tuesday 9 Oct 2018 to Tuesday 23 Oct 2018:

Generally settled and drier conditions are likely to dominate across many parts of the UK during the beginning of this period, particularly across the south. This should bring a good deal of sunshine, with any wet and windy weather likely to be mostly confined to the north. Longer nights will lead to a greater chance of fog and patchy frost, but the days will often be mild. Towards the middle of the month, there is considerable uncertainty in the forecast, with the chance that it may turn more unsettled across all parts, although this is most likely to be across the north. Temperatures are likely to be near normal to locally warm at times, but overall colder than normal.

Updated: 01:04 on Mon 24 Sep 2018 BST

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