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Will it rain today?

The latest rainfall forecast from the Met Office, providing you with hourly updates and a rainfall map showing you where it will rain today.

The rainfall forecast map shows where it is expected to rain today and tomorrow.

The map looks very similar to the rainfall radar, which shows the location and intensity of rain at the current time. Looking at the map below you will be able to see whether you can expect wet or dry conditions over the next two days, how heavy the rain might be, and how long it could last.

You can also determine whether the rain today or tomorrow will be persistent or more intermittent. A weather front is likely to bring a band of rain which could give a few hours or more of continuous rain, whereas showers will bring short bursts of rain, with dry spells in between. You can see if the showers are likely to be frequent, with one quickly following another, or more isolated, with just the odd one popping up here and there.

The scale along the bottom of the map shows you how heavy the rain will be; dark blue being the lightest, through green, orange, yellow and pink, with white being the heaviest.

If you want to learn more about why it rains watch the video below.

You can also find out about different types of precipitation and how much it rains in the UK on our learn about the weather pages.

If you're looking for content for your own website, take a look at our weather widget.