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Providing consultancy and developing and delivering products to onshore and offshore energy customers throughout the industry: from extraction of raw materials, designing and decommissioning of assets, to production, transmission, distribution and trading of energy for traditional, renewable and nuclear stakeholders.

Key aims

To use our weather and climate expertise to enable the energy industry to:

  • Effecively plan and manage energy production, usage and faults on infrastructure
  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Increase security of supply
  • Reduce costs

We meet these aims through our extensive expertise in statistics, meteorology, glaciology, climate science, sea-level rise and the oil and gas and renewable energy industries.


  • Use of cutting-edge techniques for the analysis of weather extremes for the nuclear industry, including multiple weather parameters - e.g. temperature, rainfall, wind and enthalpy - with allowance for climate change.
  • Studying the plausible physical limits of temperature for cost-reduction in nuclear new-build applications.
  • Deriving blended solar climatology data, based on satellite and reanalysis datasets, for assessment of power generation.
  • Analysis of weather-related power line faults, enabling operators to better manage power outages and minimise disruption to consumers.
  • Season-ahead forecast services for energy trading, using the Met Office seasonal prediction system.
  • Providing advice to those assessing locations or regions (on and off shore) for their wind energy potential, using VMM and, where high quality co-sited observations are available, even more accurate assessments using Virtual Met Mast Plus™, including calculating extremes of wind and return periods using methods of extreme value analysis.
  • Providing 30 year climatology of hourly wind speeds, updated monthly, at specific sites and heights defined by the customer, for creating and settling low wind insurance contracts, using the Site Wind Index product.
  • Providing assessments of average and extreme wind conditions for power station and high voltage power line design.

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