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Insurance and capital markets

Risk Modelling - Insurance and Capital Markets

Combining expertise in weather and climate science with a growing knowledge of industry needs to enable more effective and more accurate risk assessment for insurance and capital trading.

The insurance market has developed robust risk management procedures in the past 25 years.  The Insurance and Capital Markets team applies expert knowledge in atmospheric analysis and prediction on all timescales to the benefit of insurers, reinsurers and the wider financial market. We provide an independent view of weather and climate hazard for research, operational response and compliance with regulatory requirements.  
Currently focused on the development of products to aid insurers in financial and logistical planning around European windstorms, the team's scope will broaden into other hazards (known as 'perils'), regions and market sectors.

Key aims

  • To translate weather and climate expertise into relevant and valuable products and advice for our customers and partners
  • To communicate the breadth and depth of the scientific capabilities available to be applied for the industry's benefit
  • To deliver consultancy projects to meet specific customer requirements

Current projects

  • Developing and delivering a set of products that assess the historical and future impacts of windstorms over the whole of Europe
  • Developing partnerships that build on our weather and climate knowledge with industry insight to generate valuable products
  • A consultancy project with a major insurance market partner

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