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Weather analytics

We can provide weather related consultancy for the whole world

Supplying and using data from Met Office observations and forecast archives to give customers solutions to their weather-related needs.

In consultation with our customers, we decide how historical weather information can best be used to meet their business needs.  This may best be done by supplying raw observations either as required or on a regular basis.  Much information is supplied using standard formats, such as New Engineering Contract Summary, dispersion model files, and the MORECS soil moisture service.  Alternatively, a consultancy report may be the best option. This could be a report on the climate of some region across the globe, an analysis of customer supplied data in relation to weather or an assessment of extreme weather and return periods.

Key Aims

  • To provide input and solutions to weather related business problems.
  • To provide a regular supply of weather intelligence to weather sensitive industries.
  • To ensure that the customer receives the best possible advice at affordable prices by drawing upon the Met Office base of knowledge and experience.

 Current Projects 

  • Describing the climatology of potential mineral mining regions around the globe.
  • Assessing the localised winter weather hazards for UK road networks in a GIS environment and using these to optimise gritting schedules.
  • Calculating extremes of weather and return periods using various methods of extreme value analysis across a range of industry.
  • Providing evidence and reports on sea state and weather for boards of enquiry and litigation relating to losses at sea.
  • Relating human disease incidence to weather and pollution.
  • Developing various indices of vegetation fire risk for routine use.
  • Updating weather information in manuals and codes of practice used by a variety of businesses from defence to building.
  • Helping the water industry understand and quantify the impact on demand and leakage of weather, in particular severe winter weather.

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