WP1: Seamless Coupled System Development across scales

Work package 1: Seamless Coupled System Development across Scales

In partnership, developing cutting-edge seamless modelling systems across scales, including a global coupled ensemble, a new regional coupled model and sub-kilometre atmosphere model.


The overarching theme of work package 1 is developing a seamless suite of coupled modelling tools spanning from global scale, convective regional to sub-km scales within a consistent ensemble framework. This output is being applied in work package 2 (Model evaluation) and work package 3 (Risk based forecasting) to improve predictions and forecasting tools relating to monsoon natural hazards.


  • Develop a coupled atmosphere-ocean-wave-land convective (km) scale model for the Indian domain, including the Bay of Bengal.
  • Develop a global coupled ocean ensemble system
  • Research into sub kilometre (300m-100m) modelling of the key environments, with a focus on urban effects and extreme precipitation.  


  • Develop new prediction capability at km scale that couples together the key atmosphere-ocean-wave-land processes important for predicting monsoon hazards from hours to a season ahead.
  • Research into benefits of sub-kilometre scale predictions for capturing key monsoon hazards in urban and other environments (e.g. urban heatwaves, extreme precipitation, fog)
  • Develop new coupled ensemble prediction capability that includes a perturbed ocean ensemble for the first time.

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