UK Climate Projections Impacts

We have worked with different government and business organisations to understand how UK Climate Projections (UKCP) can provide information to help them prepare and adapt for the future.

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Impacts on the rail industry

Impacts on the road industry

Impacts on the UK energy industry

Impacts on the water industry

Impacts on social welfare

Impacts on defence and global security

Impacts on animal disease

Impacts on critical national infrastructure

Impacts on the Thames Barrier

Impacts on small-scale wind power generation

Using wind power generation effectively is one way to cut carbon emissions and help limit the impact of climate change. Homes and businesses can do this by using small-scale turbines, but to be cost effective and beneficial for the environment they must be in the right place. UK Climate Projections can be used to provide detailed information on wind strength and consistency across the UK which can be added to other information such as local geography to determine the optimum height for small-scale turbines in a particular location and whether wind power generation is the right solution.