Research to operations scientists

  • Dr David Walters

    David is Head of the Research to Operations (R2O) team in Weather Science.

  • Dr Helen Buttery

    Helen is currently researching the use of the forecast sensitivity to observations (FSO) technique in the UK 1.5-km model (UKV).

  • Dr Cristina Charlton-Perez

    Cristina works on land surface data assimilation with a specific focus on  observations of soil moisture. She is part of the Coupled Data Assimilation team and is based at  the MetOffice@Reading located in the Department of Meteorology, University of Reading

  • Gareth Dow

    Gareth works with data assimilation development for the 4 km & 1.5 km hi-res UK models, aiming to improve forecasts of key weather elements such as rain, cloud, visibility, screen temperature and 10-metre wind

  • Breogan Gomez

    Breogán is improving land surface data assimilation at MetOffice.

  • Dr Chris Harris

    Chris leads research work to use integrated coupled model systems to improve real-time forecasts both globally and for the UK.

  • Dr Peter Jermey

    Peter works on data assimilation for global weather prediction.

  • Dr Bruce Macpherson

    Bruce leads the development of operational convective-scale data assimilation systems in Numerical Weather Prediction models in the Met Office.

  • Dr Adam Martins

    Adam maintains and develops DAE systems code.

  • Adam Maycock

    Adam manages the DAE Systems Group, a team of five software engineers with responsibility for provision of Met Office Data Assimilation software for use in operational and research NWP suites. As well as development and provision of the current OPS, VAR and SURF systems, the group is currently planning for next generation DA systems, within the Met Office LFRic software infrastructure framework.

  • Dr Marco Milan

    Marco works in the convective scale data assimilation group at MetOffice.

  • Dr Aurore Porson

    Aurore works on the development of the UK ensemble forecasting model, MOGREPS-UK.

  • Rick Rawlins

    Rick leads the development and implementation of data assimilation upgrades for the Met Office operational global model.

  • Dr Steven Sandbach

    Steve is in the data assimilation and ensembles systems group working on Next Generation Data Assimilation software.

  • Dr Adrian Semple

    Adrian investigates causes of major poor forecasts with an emphasis on data assimilation.

  • Dr Warren Tennant

    Warren manages the Global Data Assimilation and Ensembles Group with a research interest in understanding and estimating model forecast error.

  • Dr Mike Thurlow

Mike works in global data assimilation with a special interest in operational NWP suites.

  • Dr Robert Tubbs

    Robert works on assimilating satellite radiance data and satellite-derived cloud information into convective-scale NWP models.