Space applications and nowcasting scientists

  • Dr Simon J. Keogh

    Simon leads and manages the Space Applications and Nowcasting team.

  • Nigel Atkinson

    Nigel is responsible for pre-processing of satellite sounder data in the Met Office and the development of pre-processing software.

  • Claire Bartholomew

    Claire currently manages the Nowcasting group.

  • Thomas Blackmore

    Tom's role is to lead and manage the Space Data Products and Systems Group.

  • Dr John Eyre

    John undertakes research and development to improve exploitation of satellite data in numerical weather prediction and other applications in weather and climate.

  • Dr Peter Francis

    Pete carries out research aimed at improving satellite image data processing, interpretation and assimilation capabilities at the Met Office.

  • Dr Franco Marenco

    Franco leads the Satellite Imagery group.

  • Cameron Saint

    Cameron is a scientist at the Met Office whose research is aimed at improving satellite image data processing and interpretation capabilities, particularly regarding the imagery of volcanic ash.

  • Dr Robert Tubbs

    Robert leads the Satellite Imagery group.