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Results from CSRP Phase 1

Our challenge is to be prepared for whatever may be on the horizon.

Learn about Phase 1 of the project focusing on research predictions from months to several years ahead, as well as capacity development.

CSRP-1 has addressed the following areas, all central to establishing actionable climate information for Africa in support of resilience and adaptation planning: 1) improved climate model performance for Africa - underpinned by strengthened understanding of African climate processes and systems; 2) development of new climate information products that meet user needs; 3) building capability to provide information with sufficient regional/national detail to aid decision making, and 4) strengthening capacity for climate science in Africa to optimise uptake and sustainability of climate services. These objectives were informed during project inception by an extensive consultation in Africa involving a total of 52 interviews with a wide range of stakeholders in 8 African countries. Highlights of progress made on each area, taken from the material in this report, are summarised below.

Full details of results are available in the CSRP1 Final Report

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