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Results from CSRP Phase 2

CSRP is working to improve understanding and prediction of African climate, and bring forecasts into use

Learn about the results of Phase 2 of the project.

CSRP-2 has addressed the following areas, all central to establishing actionable climate information for Africa in support of adaptation planning for the 10-50 year time horizon :

1) evaluation of the reliability of climate models for prediction of high impact events such as droughts and floods

2) improvement in understanding and modelling of African climate and climate change - this was approached by addressing key multi-decadal prediction uncertainties in the Sahel and East Africa regions and through detailed analysis of the role of tropical convection and land-atmosphere interactions

3) assessment of the benefits of very high resolution regional modelling for provision of regional/national detail to aid decision making

4) a new look at potential for assessing model trustworthiness for the Sahel and East Africa and the possibility of using such an assessment for reducing uncertainty in multi-model (e.g. CMIP5) 10-50 year projections. An additional objective of CSRP-2 has been to continue engagement with African stakeholders; through consultation on research directions and sharing of emerging research results.

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