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Dominic Pokperlaar

Dominic Pokperlaar

Development of Historical Meteorological Data Records for Ghana

Description of CSRP research

Three of Ghana's climatological stations were established in 1886, and by 1937 there were 15 stations, but the earliest data available in digital form in the Ghana Meteorological Agency are from 1961. This project will compile an improved historical regional observational dataset for Ghana with a focus on data completeness, quality-control and homogeneity. Documentation or "metadata" specifying how, when and where the observations were made will be made as complete as possible. Provision will also be made for access to the data, and for ongoing updating of the data.

The mission of the Agency is to provide cost effective weather and climate services by collecting, processing, archiving and disseminating meteorological information to support the sustainable socio-economic development of Ghana, with special regard to the protection of life and property and safeguarding the environment. The Agency has a vision to be a leading meteorological institution in the sub-region, which will provide cutting edge climate research for reliable, timely and relevant weather and climate information to all weather-sensitive sectors of the country.

This project will therefore contribute to the fulfilment of the Agency's vision. The data will also contribute to climate applications, research and other services in Africa and beyond. Ghana's national meteorological datasets will provide a good example to guide other West African nations in the development of complete, high-quality homogeneous datasets.

Career background

After graduating in Physics with Mathematics at the University of Ghana, Dominic Pokperlaar completed an advanced course in meteorology in India, and an M. Phil in Physics at the University of Cape Coast, Ghana. He has also completed studies in mathematical modelling and agricultural meteorology. For many years he was a Regional Meteorologist, providing specialized needs of the many and varied users of meteorological information in Northern Ghana; supervising the region's meteorological observations network and data collection. He authored a paper on the prediction of the onset of the rainy season using surface air temperatures.

Dominic Pokperlaar is now Head of Basic Network and Data Processing in the Ghana Meteorological Agency. He supervises the establishment and management of all observing stations of the Agency in Ghana, maintaining uniform standards of observation, dissemination and storage of data in accordance with internationally recommended practices.

More about Dominic Pokperlaar

Areas of particular interest and expertise:

  • Rainfall
  • Temperature
  • Humidity

Based at:

  • Ghana Meteorological Agency

This research project aligns with CSRP Theme 6: Construction of regional historical observation datasets.

Dominic Pokperlaar is working in collaboration with David Parker of the Met Office.

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