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Ismaila Diallo

Ismaila Diallo

Present-day simulations of the West African Monsoon with two kinds of HadGEM3 models (GCM and RCM)

Description of CSRP research

The future evolution of the climate of the Sahel and the effect of increasing greenhouse gas (GHGs) concentrations on the region is still unknown. Projections of rainfall from the climate models in CMIP showed very diverse results for the West African region.

The objective of this work will be:

Evaluate the performance of HadGEM3 and HadGEM3-RA Regional Model in representing the main characteristics of the West African climate. Through this we will begin to identify which processes are important for capturing the main characteristics of the West African monsoon. We will also inter-compare the HadGEM3-RA Regional Model performance and the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) Regional Climate Model (RegCM3).

We will focus on:

  • The African rainfall and Temperature mean distribution at wet season (July, August September) and the dry season (December, January and February) in this region.
  • The circulation patterns underlying African rainfall (Monsoon flux, zonal wind at different levels (African Easterly Jet (AEJ), Tropical Easterly Jet (TEJ)...) will be investigated. We will quantify and inter-compare the systematic errors of Climate models (GCM and RCM) in simulating the present-day climate associated with the West African Monsoon systems.
  • The rainfall variability: seasonal cycle, inter-annual variability, onset date.

We will use daily and monthly datasets from model output such as: HadGEM3-RA Regional Model, HadGEM3 global climate model (GCM) and the ICTP Regional Climate Model RegCM3.

Career background

Ismaila Diallo was admitted into the Faculty of Science of the Dakar University in 2004, where four years later he received a BSc in Physics (option: Applied Physics). Following this, he was selected to do a Masters degree in Physics (option: Meteorology, Oceanography and Arid Areas) at the Laboratory for Atmospherics and Oceanic Physics-Simeon Fongang (LPAO-SF) which is at the Polytechnic School of Dakar University (ESP/UCAD). During his Masters, he was lectured in several research areas, including atmospheric science, climate science and hydrology. His Masters thesis focused on evaluating how RCMs are able to represent the main features of the West African monsoon. Results from this work were published in a national scientific journal as a paper and also as a talk in scientific meeting. Since May 2010 Ismaila Diallo has been pursuing a PhD at the Doctorate School of Water and Water Quality of UCAD (EDEQUE).

More about Ismaila Diallo

Areas of particular interest and expertise:

  • Regional Climate modelling (Dynamical Downscaling)
  • West African monsoon dynamics
  • Climate Change impact (Floods, drought)

Based at:

This research project aligns with CSRP Theme 1: Evaluation of HadGEM3 representation and predictability of climate variability

Ismaila Diallo is working in collaboration with Caroline Bain of the Met Office.

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