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Mekonnen Degefu

Mekonnen Degefu

Association between Rainfall Variability and Global Climate Teleconnection: The Case of South-Western Ethiopia

Description of CSRP research

The research project proposed for the CSRP is 'Association between Rainfall Variability and Global Climate Teleconnection: The Case of South-Western Ethiopia'. This research project will first assess rainfall variability and change over Ethiopia and the Omo-Ghibe basin in particular. It also aims to analyse the effect of climate change on extreme hydroclimate events (flood and drought). These two climate extremes become the major environmental problems here in Ethiopia in general and the Omo-Ghibe Basin in particular. The effects of drought and flood hazards on human socio-economic systems and environmental resources will therefore be assessed.

In addition to this, studies have indicated that extreme hydroclimate occurrences in Ethiopia have links with sea surface temperature anomalies or the El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) over the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic Oceans. Despite this, there is not a single study in the country that has revealed the frequency, magnitude and the major sources of sea surface temperature anomalies for the occurrence of hydrological extremes, particularly for the study area. For the analysis, historical daily rainfall and streamflow data will be obtained from the Ethiopian National Meteorological Agency and Ministry of Water Resources. Some rainfall data, sea surface temperature, wind speed and ENSO indices will come from the Met Office Hadley Centre. Climate model results of the Met Office Hadley Centre will also be used. The analysis will assess the long-term variability of rainfall, drought and flood occurrences and their links with global climate circulations. It also aims to analyse the occurrence of drought and flood hazards and their links with global climate teleconnections, particularly with ENSO.

Career background

Mekonnen Degefu has knowledge and experience in hydroclimate data computation. Both in his under- and post-graduate programmes he took basic hydroclimate courses: Introduction to climatology, Applied Climatology, Advanced Climatology and Water Resources Analysis and Management during. In his PhD study he has taken four courses: Seminar on Advanced Research Methods in Geography and Environmental Studies and Seminar on Natural Resources and Environmental Management. Through these courses he has developed knowledge and skills which will be used for the proposed study.

In addition to these, Mekonnen Degefu acquired research knowledge and skills in hydroclimate dynamics while conducting research during and after his graduate studies. He has one publication titled Assessment of flood Hazards in the Omo-Gibe Basin: The Case of 2006. This research paper was presented in the national conference which was held at Hilton Hotel. He has also written two other research reports: Global Climate Dynamics: Impacts and socioeconomic and Environmental Vulnerability and Climate Variability and Trends, and Its Socioeconomic Implications in East Gojjam Zone.

More about Mekonnen Degefu

Areas of particular interest and expertise:

  • Climate change and extreme hydroclimate events over Ethiopia
  • Rainfall variability and global climate teleconnection over Ethiopia 
  • Analysis of future climate change over East Africa

Based at:

This research project aligns with CSRP Theme 2: Investigation of the mechanisms underlying climate variability.

Mekonnen Degefu is working in collaboration with Dave Rowell of the Met Office.

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