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Environmental Science to Services Partnership

ESSP partnership

The ESSP is a partnership of six UK public sector bodies. Our collective purpose is to develop ways to translate and apply the world-leading environmental science we each generate, to support the delivery and improvement of UK services.

By combining our data, information and expertise, we can design and deliver products and services for society, private enterprise and government. These will support appropriate decision-making and stimulate economic growth while ensuring the best possible outcomes for the environment.

This collaborative approach also provides opportunities to enhance efficiency across the partnership by sharing resources, knowledge and skills development, building on each organisation's expertise. The Met Office leads the partnership which includes the following organisations:

The partners of the ESSP are:

At present, the ESSP is working on developing DataSpring, a one stop shop providing access to environmental data from across the partner organisations. For the latest information about the partnership and DataSpring please visit the ESSP website or contact

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