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FCM is a set of tools for managing and building source code.

FCM is a a modern Fortran build system, and wrappers to Subversion for scientific software development


FCM is open source and freely available for general use.

It is used at the Met Office to manage wider code development and release, including the Unified Model which has 120+ developers working on it. It is also used by research and operational licence holders of Met Office software systems outside the Met Office.

FCM uses Subversion for code management but defines a common process and naming convention to simplify usage. It adds a layer on top of Subversion to provide a more natural and user-friendly interface.

FCM features a powerful build system, mainly aimed at building modern Fortran software applications.


Download FCM at Github.

See also the FCM release notes.


Send your feedback to the Modelling Infrastructure Support Systems team or post an issue on FCM at Github.

Support for external users is usually limited to those using FCM for managing Met Office software systems. However, we are always happy to receive bug reports/patches or to discuss requests for enhancements.

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