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Work Package 3: East Asian climate variability and extremes


WP 3 is focused on regional modes of climate variability, their teleconnections and impacts on regional water cycle and climate extremes within East Asia. This will include the understanding of physical mechanisms and investigation of potential predictability, evaluating and improving modelling capabilities and prediction skills; and the assessment of climate risks and development of early warning methods. This WP will build upon existing UK-China collaborations in East Asian monsoon, high resolution modelling and regional drought.


  • Increase the understanding of East Asian climate variability and assessment of its predictability for improving climate prediction skills over East Asia on intraseasonal to interdecadal timescales.
  • Increase the understanding of drivers of regional drought and flooding and developing the capability of early warning methodology.
  • Develop convection permitting models for the East Asian region, to capture extreme climate events and their impacts such as heat waves, flash floods and the impact of large scale urbanisation and mega cities.

Science topics:

  • Regional water cycle:
  • Drought:
  • East Asian Monsoon: 
  • Western Pacific tropical cyclones:
  • Convective scale modelling & climate extremes:

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