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Weather and Climate Science for Service Partnership South Africa

The Weather and Climate Science to Services Partnership project in South Africa is a collaborative initiative between Met Office and South African Weather Service.

There are currently no research grant funding opportunities under the WCSSP South Africa programme

The project focuses on pulling from fundamental science through to applied services, assisting economic development as well as protecting life and property through improved weather and climate services.

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The WCSSP South Africa builds on the strong existing partnership between Met Office and South African Weather Service (SAWS), which is underpinned by use of the Unified Model (UM) for weather forecasting. SAWS is the first UM partner National Meteorological Service on the African continent. This project will act to further strengthen links between the UK and South Africa, creating a strong sustainable relationship for long term collaboration.

Key focal areas within this project include:

1. Strategic partnership building

2. Improvements to high resolution weather forecasting capabilities

3. Enhanced training on weather and climate science and services

4. Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) through impacts-based weather forecasting

5. Development of applied weather and climate services

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