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Land Projections Maps: Probabilistic Projections

The following is a subset of maps of the future projections over land from the UKCP18 project for a number of variables across the UK nations, administrative regions and river basins.

Further information about the science behind these results are available at probabilistic projections. You can also create your own plots for your region of interest through the UKCP18 User Interface.

Before using any result, read through the caveats and limitations.

Note that for the global and regional projections, example maps can be found in the Science Overview report. You can also produce your own maps at the UKCP18 User Interface. Further details of how to use the global an regional projections can be found at global projections and regional projections.

Select the information below to view the maps for different Representative Concentration Pathways [1MB]. Information on how to interpret the maps can be found here.



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