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UKCP18 Demonstration Projects

A set of six project leaflets demonstrate how different sectors may use the new set of UK climate projections, UKCP18.

The leaflets below are based on a set of demonstration projects led by sector specialists and were written for their sector. The leaflets describe how existing methods/risk assessments can still be used and where new methods need to be developed to exploit the opportunities that the UKCP18 dataset brings. The sectors include the management of water resources, flood risk, coastal erosion risk, forestry as well as buildings design.


Assessing climate change risk in Yorkshire. Piloting new climate change projections with regional stakeholders in Yorkshire catchments. University of Leeds and Yorkshire Integrated Catchment Solutions Programme (iCASP)

Coastal cliff recession under climate change. How UKCP18 sea level rise data can be used to better understand increase in shoreline erosion. WSP.

Future surface water flood hazard risk. Using high resolution sub-daily climate projections at the national scale. Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA). 
Thermal performance of buildings. Providing future weather files to building professionals to assess thermal comfort and energy performance. University of Exeter and the Chartered Institution of Building Service Engineers (CIBSE).
Forests for the future. Creating future tree growth and species suitability maps for foresters. Forest Research.
Water resources and drought planning. Future water resources and a bottom-up approach. HR Wallingford.

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