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Atmospheric research flight resources centre

A range of further reading and resources for atmospheric research flying.


1946 - Condensation trails (A.W Brewer)

General description and central program of gate (J.Kuettner)

Aircraft observations of marine stratocumulus during JASIN (A. Slingo et al)

Aircraft measurements of the humidity in the lower stratosphere from 1977 to 1980 between 45°N and 65°N (J.S Foot)

Mesoscale dynamics of cold fronts: Structures described by dropsoundings in fronts 87 (A.J. Thorpe and S.A. Clough)

The monterey area ship track experiment (P.A. Durkee et al)

North America to Europe-Overview of the 2004 summer field study (F. C. Fehsenfeld et al)

Establishing Lagrangian connections between observations within air masses crossing the Atlantic during the International Consortium for Atmospheric Research on Transport and Transformation experiment (J. Methven et al)

Measurement of atmospheric humidity (G. Dobson et al)

Recent measurements of humidity from aircraft up to heights of about 50,000 ft over southern England (R. J. Murgatroyd et al)

Mesoscale air motions derived from wind finding dropsonde data (W. T. Roach et al)

Met magazine - notes on theI.C.A.N. altimeter and height and airspeed computer ( R. Frith)

Observations of drop-size distributions In low layer clouds (F. Singleton and D.J Smith)

Recent work of the meteorological research flight of the meteorological office ( R. Frith)

Sampling of rain from a varsity aircraft (N. R. Watson)

The measurement of mesoscale vertical motions in the atmosphere (M. E. Hardman et al)


Acid rain research with Snoopy

Buncefield oil depot summary 2005

The loss of the Meteorological Research flight's Canberra aircraft

A range of GULFEX photographs

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