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Applied scientists

  • Dr Adrian Hines

    Adrian leads the team that provides consultancy and develops services that enable customers to understand the potential impacts of climate variability and change on their activities.

  • Dr Helen Wells

    Helen leads the team of scientists and meteorologists who develop and deliver services to UK industry.

  • Graeme Anderson

    Graeme contributes to research and development work specific to the aviation community.

  • Professor Rosa Barciela

Rosa Barciela is the Met Office Principal Scientific Consultant and Strategic Head of Health Science Integration (Weather and Climate).

  • Karen Barfoot

    Karen is a member of the Central Climate Unit, dealing mainly with marine requests.

  • Claire Bartholomew

    Claire contributes to research and development work specific to the aviation community.

  • Katie Brown

    Katie supports and develops meteorological products and services for the aviation community.

  • Dr Laura Burgin

    Laura is applied climate scientist who works with regional climate models to produce climate information for international development.

  • Dr Victoria Chapman

    Victoria leads and works as part of a specialist team of scientists working on a range of rail and environmental projects based at the Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Education (BCRRE) at the University of Birmingham.

  • Dr Jacob Cheung

    Jacob Cheung is an aviation applied scientist.

  • Dr Joseph Daron

    Joe is a climate scientist with an interest in climate prediction and the use of climate information to guide adaptation decisions in developing countries.

  • Jemma Davie

    Jemma is a climate change impacts scientist.

  • Dr Laura Dawkins

Laura is an applied statistician in the Energy, Industry and Infrastructure Science team.

Galia is working on development and provision of climate data and information for water resources, agriculture, and oil and gas related applications.

  • Dr Teil Howard

    Teil co-leads the research and development effort to provide weather and climate services to the aviation industry.

  • Leo Hume-Wright

Leo is a scientific consultant specialising in the delivery of wind climate services to commercial and government clients.

Tamara is a climate scientist who contributes to the development and delivery of research and capacity building projects, focussing primarily on International Development within Asian and African regions.

  • Catrina Johnson

    Catrina co-manages the Weather Analytics team.

  • Richard Jones

    Richard is a Science Fellow and manages work on generating and applying regional climate information and modelling systems with a focus on international development.

  • Chris Kent

    Chris works in the Climate Security Team assessing the potential impacts of projected changes in the climate on human wellbeing (e.g. food and security).

  • Malcolm Lee

    Malcolm co-manages the Weather Analytics team.

  • Kirsty Lewis

    Kirsty leads the research into climate change and security, and the delivery of advice on the impacts of climate change to government, particularly in relation to defence and security.

  • Felicity Liggins

    Felicity works with health and government customers, as well as commercial clients, providing bespoke interpretation of climate change science.

  • Paul Maisey

    Paul leads the Insurance and Capital Markets Research and Development team.

  • Carol McSweeney

    Carol is a climate scientist working on assessing simulations of regional climate change and guiding their application in climate change impact studies.

  • Paul Newell

    Paul is a statistician in the Energy Science team.

  • Dr Henry Odbert

    Henry is a Senior Scientist, developing solutions for bespoke forecasting services

  • Ian Pearman

    Ian leads the research and development of site-specific forecasting.

  • Matthew Perry

    Matthew is an applied scientist working on weather and climate impacts and resilience

  • Dr Edward Pope

    Edward's role involves conducting research into climate change and its impacts, to meet the needs of a wide range of commercial and government organisations.

  • Dr Katy Richardson

    Katy works in the Climate Security Team investigating the relationship between climate change and human security.

  • Dr Kate Salmon

Kate is a Scientific Consultant providing consultancy to a wide range of government business.

  • Michael Sanderson

    Michael works on projects for numerous customers with a particular interest in future changes in extreme temperature and precipitation and urban climates.

  • Dr Christophe Sarran

    Christophe carries out health research on respiratory disease and physiological effects of weather, air pollution and pollen.

  • Alasdair Skea

    Alasdair leads the research and development effort to provide operational weather and climate services to industry.

  • Jessica Standen

    Jessica leads a team of consultants delivering weather and climate services to industry.

  • Dr Edward Steele 

Edward develops post-processing techniques in support of the Met Office operational marine forecast services.

  • Dr Emilie Vanvyve

    Emilie is a Senior Scientist in the Surface Transport and Utilities team, working on addressing these sectors' needs related to the impacts of weather, climate and climate change.

  • Martin Veasey

Martin is a defence scientist specialising in the research and development of impact-focused meteorological and oceanographic advice to the UK armed forces.

  • Dr Emily Wallace (Hamilton)

    Emily leads the research and development effort to provide weather and climate services to the renewable energy industry.


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