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Atmospheric Processes and Parametrization scientists

  • Dr Keith Williams

    Keith is the Head of Atmospheric Processes and Parametrizations and conducts research into process-orientated model evaluation.

  • Dr Heather Rumbold (Ashton)

    Heather works on land surface processes with a particular interest in soil hydrology

  • Martin Best

    Martin manages the research undertaken on land surface processes

  • Dr Sylvia Bohnenstengel

    Sylvia works on urban boundary layer processes and their representation within the Met Office's Unified Model.

  • Dr Ian Boutle

    Ian works on cloudy boundary layers and their representation within the Met Office's Unified Model.

  • Dr Steve Derbyshire

    Steve leads a research and development team working on flow over topography and related problems.

  • Dr Tom Dunstan

    Tom works on improving wind resource estimation using archive NWP output and high-resolution configurations of the UM.

  • Chloe Eagle

    Chloe is a scientific software engineer at MetOffice@Reading.

  • Dr John Edwards

    John works on the relationship between the atmospheric boundary layer and the underlying surface.

  • Dr Andy Elvidge

    Andy works on flow over mountains and the representation of orographic drag in the Unified Model.

  • Dr Paul Field

    Paul leads research into cloud microphysical processes.

  • Dr Kalli Furtado

    Kalli works on cloud microphysics, with a particular interest in mixed-phase and ice clouds.

  • Dr Nicola Gedney

    Nicola works on land surface modelling, with a particular interest in hydrology and methane emission from wetlands.

  • Dr Richard Gilham

    Richard works on various scientific and technical aspects of the land surface in the Met Office's Unified Model and JULES community model.

  • Dr Carol Halliwell

    Carol works on the representation of subgrid-scale mixing in convective-scale versions of the Unified Model.

  • Dr Kirsty Hanley

    Kirsty works on the representation of convection in convective-scale versions of the Unified Model.

  • Dr Maggie Hendry

    Maggie works on representing surface processes in weather and climate models with a particular interest in urban areas.

  • Dr Adrian Hill

    Adrian works on cloud microphysics and aerosol-cloud interactions.

  • Dr Humphrey Lean

    Humphrey leads research into formulation and applications of convective-scale versions of the Unified Model.

  • Ruth Lewis

    Ruth's work focuses on the atmospheric boundary layer and its interaction with the land surface.

  • Dr Adrian Lock

    Adrian leads the research and development of the parametrization of the atmospheric boundary layer.

  • Dr James Manners

    James works on the parametrization of radiative transfer in the atmosphere.

  • Dr Cyril Morcrette

    Cyril leads a team improving the way that clouds and radiation are represented in weather forecasts and climate simulations.

  • Dr Aurore Porson

    Aurore works on boundary layer processes, with a particular interest in fog formation and fog predictability.

  • Dr Gabriel Rooney

    Gabriel works on aspects of convection in the atmosphere.

  • Nigel Roberts

    Nigel coordinates work on convective-scale predictability in the Met Office.

  • Dr Peter Sheridan

    Peter works on flows in hilly and mountainous terrain, with a specific focus on fine-scale prediction of wind and temperature, and related hazards.

  • Dr Glenn Shutts

    Glenn carries out fundamental research into mesoscale, dynamical processes and currently coordinates effort into the representation of stochasticity.

  • Dr Alison Stirling

    Alison leads research into convection representation in weather and climate models.

  • Dr Rachel Stratton

    Rachel works on atmospheric convection and clouds.

  • Dr Stuart Webster

    Stu is a senior scientist working on the modelling of flow over orography.

  • Dr Graham Weedon

    Graham works on the datasets needed for running land surface models such as JULES as well as analysing model output.

  • Dr Kwinten Van Weverberg

    Kwinten is a research scientist at the Met Office working on large-scale cloud parametrizations

  • Dr Michael Whitall

    Michael is a research scientist investigating atmospheric convection.

  • Dr Jonathan Wilkinson

    Jonathan works on cloud microphysics modelling, with the specific interest of improving the microphysics within the forecast and climate models.

  • Dr Annelize van Niekerk

    Annelize works on the representation of orography and drag in the Met Office Unified Model.

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