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Dr Ambarish Karmalkar

Ambarish is a climate scientist working on assessing climate model performance and on developing methods to quantify uncertainties in model projections.

Current activities

Ambarish's current work involves creating large perturbed physics ensemble (PPE) based on HadGEM3 to study model performance at NWP and climate time scales. This PPE is a first step towards designing an ensemble prediction system (EPS) that will comprehensively sample key uncertainties (modelling, external forcings and initialisation) in model projections for the next few decades. Generation of such an ensemble using the latest Met Office Hadley Centre model, HadGEM3 is computationally very expensive, and therefore, we create a perturbed parameter ensemble of short atmosphere-only runs with the view of finding a set of 20-30 plausible model variants of HadGEM3.

Career background

Ambarish started work at the Met Office Hadley Centre in 2012 and joined the Seamless Ensemble Prediction team. Prior to that, Ambarish did a PhD at the University of Massachusetts Amherst where he used a regional climate model to study projected climatic changes in Central America and their impacts on biodiversity in the region. Ambarish was then a postdoctoral researcher at Oxford University studying climatic changes and model projections for the Caribbean. As an undergraduate Ambarish studied Physics at the University of Mumbai and has an MSc in Astronomy from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

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