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Dr Andrew Staniforth

Andrew develops innovative numerical methods for dynamical cores, focusing on the Met Office's Unified Model.

Areas of expertise:

  • Time integration schemes.

  • Spatial discretization methods.

  • Physics/dynamics coupling.

  • Exact solutions for testing dynamical cores.

  • Consistent approximation of the governing dynamical equations.

Current activities

The ENDGame dynamical core is formulated to enable the shallow atmosphere and/or hydrostatic approximations to be switched on and off. It also optionally relaxes the conventional assumption that the geopotentials of apparent gravity are represented as spheres, to allow them to be represented by ellipsoids. Current work is aimed at developing and validating this dynamical core to replace the existing one of the UM.

A further area of activity is longer-term research on a  Next Generation Atmospheric Dynamical Core for Weather and Climate Modelling. Current work is aimed at reviewing the literature on the subject, and performing associated research.

Career background

Andrew joined the Met Office in 1998 as Head of the Dynamics Research group. He now works part-time as a research fellow.

Before joining the Met Office, Andrew worked for the Meteorological Service of Canada (the Canadian counterpart of the Met Office) in various research and management roles, after obtaining his PhD for his work on viscous flows around impulsively-started cylinders.

Over the years, he has co supervised three PhD theses, and editorially contributed to several journals/publications:

  • Monthly Weather Review, Associate Editor.

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics Journal, Editorial Board.

  • Research Activities in Atmospheric and Oceanic Modelling, Editor.

  • Quarterly Journal of the Royal Met. Soc., Associate Editor.

External recognition

  • MWR Editors' Award (American Meteorological Society)

  • Andrew Thompson Prize for Applied Meteorology (Canadian Meteorological & Oceanographic Society)

  • L.G. Groves Memorial Prize for Meteorology

  • Buchan Prize (Royal Meteorological Society)

  • Adrian Gill Prize (Royal Meteorological Society)

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