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Dr Andy Malcolm

Improve speed and scalability of Met Office codes.

Areas of expertise

Andy's areas of expertise include:

Current activities

Andy is currently working on improving timings and scalability for current and future operational models. This involves looking at run times at different processor configurations and investigating those areas of the models which do not scale as expected. The current Dynamics Research scheme is a semi-lagrangian advection scheme which currently only communicates between processors in the East-West direction while assuming the North-South direction can be treated by increasing the data halo size on a processor. However in certain circumstances this is leading to a restriction on the number of processors we can use for some models. Andy is currently leading the work into changing the code so that we can do communication in two dimensions

Career background

Andy joined the Met Office in 1995 and worked in the Dynamics Research area for the next 13 years. He was part of the team which developed and implemented the current dynamical core of the Unified Model. He then moved to a role which aims to improve the code performance on the Met Office's supercomputers.

Andy received a BA in Mathematics from York University in 1988 before earning a PhD at the Reading University Maths Department in 1992. He then spent a year as a Post-Doc at the Aeronautics Department at Imperial College, London before returning to Reading University as a Post-Doc on a Met Office contract in 1993.

External Recognition

  • FRMetS and Full member of AMS
  • Joint winner of LG Groves prize for Meteorology, 2002.

The LG Groves Memorial Prize for Meteorology, is given for the most important contribution during the year either to the science of meteorology or the application of meteorology to aviation.

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