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Brett Candy

Brett carries out research into land surface data assimilation

Brett's research is aimed at improving Met Office forecasts through better use of land surface data.

Current activities

Brett's work aims to improve the land surface analyses within the Met Office Numerical Weather Prediction models, in particular the temperature and moisture in the top few layers of the soil. Improving the representation of these variables has been shown to lead on to better forecasts, in particular of low level temperature.

A key aspect of Brett's work is the development of a new assimilation scheme for land data points. This will make the best use of available observations, such as those of soil moisture from active and passive microwave sensors.

Career background

Brett has been working at the Met Office since 1996, carrying out research into a variety of assimilation problems, including satellite sounding.

Prior to his time at the Met Office, Brett gained a BSc degree in Physics from Imperial College London.

Brett also obtained an MSc degree in Meteorology from the University of Reading. As part of this degree Brett undertook research into the impact of satellite winds on Tropical Cyclone forecasts.

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