Caroline Sandford

Areas of expertise

  • Uncertainties in radar-based QPE
  • Radar surface rain rate compositing methods
  • VPR adjustments for single-site radar data

Current activities

Caroline is currently researching methods of improving the VPR correction in the Met Office radar processing system (Radarnet). The aim of this work is to increase the accuracy of radar surface rain rate estimates, by improving estimates of surface reflectivity extrapolated from a measured reflectivity at altitude.

In September 2012 Caroline implemented a quality-based radar compositing method in Radarnet, designed to minimise the uncertainty associated with surface rain rate estimates. The new criterion uses an approximate error propagation formula to select data with the lowest uncertainty for each point in the composite. During this work Caroline also contributed to research on radar quality indices for OPERA (a framework for the exchange of European radar data).

Career background

Caroline joined the Met Office in April 2011 as a recent graduate. She studied Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge, specialising in Astrophysics, and graduated with a First Class MSc in 2010.