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Dr Chris Roberts

Chris is interested in ocean dynamics and the role of the oceans in climate change and variability.

Areas of expertise

  • Understanding and simulating observed changes in the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation (AMOC).
  • The drivers and predictability of changes in ocean heat content, ocean circulation, and sea level.
  • The importance of internal climate variability for variations in global mean surface temperature.
  • The detection and attribution of climate change.
  • Paleoclimate and biogeochemical cycles.

Publications by Chris Roberts


Current Activities

Chris is a research scientist working in the Oceans and Cryosphere group within the Met Office Hadley Centre. His research involves the use of numerical models and observations to understand the role of the oceans in global and regional climate change and variability. 

Career Background

Before joining the Met Office, Chris completed undergraduate and graduate degrees at the University of Cambridge where he studied climate change during the Earth's past.

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