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Dr Clare Lee

Clare is in charge of observational research for improving the representation of physical processes in weather forecasting and climate prediction models.

Areas of expertise:

  • Aircraft Instrumentation

  • Cirrus measurements

  • Submillimeter remote sensing

  • Airborne field campaigns

Publications by Clare

Current activities

Clare is one of the Strategic Heads in Foundation science, and directs the R&D activities of the Observation Based Research section.

She manages a team of around 50 research and technical staff working in 6 different teams at 3 different locations in Southern England.

Three of the research teams are based in Exeter, working on Cloud Microphysics, Radiative Transfer in the Atmosphere, and Aerosols. All three work with the heavily instrumented FAAM Atmospheric Research Aircraft which is a BAe146, a joint project with NERC. She also oversees management of the Met Office staff based at FAAM and the Boundary Layer research group at Cardington, also near Bedford, which conducts surface based research.

The aim of the research within OBR is to develop our understanding of the atmosphere by challenging models with state of the art observations.

OBR also operate the Met Office civil contingency response aircraft commissioned a twin piston engine Cessna 421. This aircraft is funded by the CAA primarily to be able to respond to volcanic ash events that may affect UK airspace. It also is capable of responding to other civil contingency events where knowledge of the state of the atmosphere and the distribution of pollutants is important (e.g. large industrial fires) The MOCCA is operated out of Bournemouth International Airport.

Career background

Clare joined the Met Office in 2003 after working as a research fellow at Cardiff University on airborne atmospheric submillimeter instrumentation.

She started work in the Met Office in the radiation group of Observation Based Research working on cirrus observations. She utilised data from a wide range of instruments on the BAe146 aircraft, as well as satellite observations and ground based measurements. She was also involved in a number of airborne field campaigns such as EAQUATE and CAESAR.

In 2007 Clare became manager of the facilities group and took over the leadership of OBR as a whole in 2014.

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