Dr Craig MacLachlan

Areas of expertise

  • The Monthly to Seasonal Forecast system

  • Coupled model development

  • Software development

Publications by Craig Maclachlan

Current activities

Craig leads a team of scientists and scientific software engineers responsible for developing the Met Office Monthly to Seasonal ensemble prediction system: GloSea. The aim of the team is to make and improve predictions for the months and season ahead. The team works on a range of topics including: model initialisation, model development, complex workflows and data processing. Craig ensures that developments from research are pulled through to operational forecasts.

Career background

Craig joined the Met Office Hadley Centre in 2009 to work as a scientific software engineer for the seasonal forecast system. Craig successfully implemented the GloSea4 and GloSea5 operational forecast systems. The upgrade to the GloSea5 system brought improved skill in predicting winter weather in the UK and the wider European region. Since 2015 Craig has led the Monthly to Decadal Operational Systems team.

Prior to joining the Met Office, Craig completed a PhD in numerical modelling of low temperature plasma at the University of Glasgow. Craig also received his MSc in Mathematics and Astronomy from the University of Glasgow.

External recognition

Software Sustainability Institute Fellow 2016