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David Hein

David is a software engineer in the Regional Predictions group.

David is a software engineer in the Regional Predictions group and is the overall coordinator of the PRECIS regional climate modelling system.

Current activities

David's work centres on the PRECISregional climate modelling system which is designed to run on a Linux based PC.

PRECIS allows users to construct high-resolution climate change scenarios for their region of interest with a minimal infrastructure requirement. As the coordinator for PRECIS, David has the central role in the PRECIS team, managing links between the software engineering, scientific research and customer facing aspects of PRECIS and other Regional Predictions activities.

His work involves programming to improve PRECIS, providing technical support, organising and delivering training workshops worldwide and post-processing of climate data. PRECIS has over 200 trained users, primarily scientists and academics in developing countries.

David is also engaged in regional modelling projects in China, for the DfID funded Adapting to Climate Change in China (ACCC) project, and the Defra funded SAIN project. These projects involve scientific advice on climate modelling for China, facilitation of regional climate model runs, and organising and delivery of scientific training for Chinese research scientists.

Career background

David has been a part of the Regional Predictions group since starting at the Met Office Hadley Centre in 2002. Prior to that, he worked as a secondary school teacher of English language in Prague, Czech Republic. As an undergraduate he studied Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Arkansas. Subsequently he obtained an MSc in Weather, Climate and Modelling from Reading University. His MSc dissertation sought to validate the ability of PRECIS to simulate extreme precipitation in four differing climatic regions of the Earth. .

David's strong interest in clear communication was put into practice during a six month secondment in Hadley Centre communications. This was a public facing role that involved fielding enquiries about climate change and current scientific research at the Met Office. He was one of the Hadley Centre representatives at the UNFCCC, COP14 and COP15 meetings.

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